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Stage Stores Sizes Up Underserved Markets

11/01/2014 - A deep understanding of its markets – based on both long experience and high-tech business analytics – helps this retailer give customers what they want (and only what they want).

The Market:

The Apparel Top 50: Rankings by Social Media Popularity

11/01/2014 - U.S. consumers spend 7.4 hours staring at screens — daily. Hoping to reach consumers without a social media strategy is like hoping to win the lottery without buying a ticket.

The New Retail Paradigm: Narrowed Expansion

10/10/2014 - If there was one common thread running through this year's 14th annual Apparel Executive Forum it was this: Retailers must offer consumers everything they might possibly ever want, in every channel, when and where they want it, while also compressing those endless choices into a thin band of exclusivity catered precisely to each individual.

Retail Intelligence:

Bonobos, Rent the Runway Navigate Clicks-to-Bricks Evolution

11/01/2014 - Even brands that have been wildly successful as online-only retailers are finding a need to engage their audiences offline as well, opening bricks-and-mortar shops to attract new customers and extend their customer-centric experience into the real world.

Supply Chain:

A New Look at an Old Problem: ASN Accuracy

11/01/2014 - While 100 percent accuracy is likely not achievable, attention to improved business processes and flow of goods can drastically reduce the number of ASN errors.

Supply Chain: Case Study:

RG Barry Accessorizes with Simparel ERP

11/01/2014 - Once a specialty footwear company, RG Barry is now a multi-brand lifestyle accessories powerhouse charting a path for future growth. It needed an ERP system that could grow with it.

PLUS: Vendor ViewpointInterview with John Robinson, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Simparel

Sourcing & Logistics:

Balancing Risk and the Bottom Line

11/01/2014 - My most valuable risk management tools are the cash in my pocket and the brain in my head. Of the two, cash runs out fast.


Maximizing the Value of Sampling

11/01/2014 - Smart use of technologies such as PLM, 3D and BI can bring merch, design and tech development teams together to reap more from the sampling process while cutting costs and sample iterations and ultimately getting the right product to market faster.

PLUS: Vendor ViewpointInterview with Luis Velazquez, Business Consultant with Lectra North America

Research and Reports:

Matching Workforce to Store Traffic

11/01/2014 - Leading retailers recognize that modern workforce management requires masterful alignment of the right employees, at the right time, with dynamic omnichannel demand.


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