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Research and Reports:

How Source-to-Store Efficiency with RFID Influences the Customer Experience

02/23/2015 - To offer consumers ever-greater shopping convenience, apparel retailers are managing more systems, data and processes, including RFID. Some are turning to their supply chains — and source-tagging technology, for solutions to the toughest omnichannel challenges.

Streamlining Processes for Speed to Market and Agility

02/23/2015 - From design through production, apparel brands and retailers are leveraging integrated technology to bring products to market faster and to drive supply chain agility.

Industry Perspectives:

Industry Perspectives 2015

03/01/2015 - What technologies will best allow you to keep pace with the swiftly changing demands of the consumer? How will 3D technologies shift processes along the entire supply chain? What are the fastest ways to achieve true omnichannel inventory management? How can apparel companies better harness the massive amounts of data they are collecting within their enterprises? Read on to hear how industry executives weighed in on these and many other questions as part of Apparel’s “Industry Perspectives” feature.