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RFID and IoT: Good Things in Store

10/03/2016 - Apparel’s 10th annual review examines what did (and didn’t) happen over the past decade in the world of RFID/IoT. A number of interesting new applications are highlighted that will be of interest to retailers and brands alike.

Retail Intelligence:

INFOGRAM: Building Brand Loyalty

10/03/2016 - In the age of the consumer, relationships determine success, as they are the last remaining source of competitive advantage.

The Next Wave in Customer-Centric Retail Planning: Customer-Driven Attributes

10/03/2016 -

Attribute-based planning can help strengthen consumer brand loyalty and increase revenue as shoppers are happier, gaining access to the items they want, when and where they shop. 
PLUS: Vendor Viewpoint – Interview with Keith Whaley, Vice President of Retail Strategy, JustEnough Software

Supply Chain:

How Scalable Systems Frameworks Support Analysis & Decision-Making

10/03/2016 -

Vendor Viewpoint: An Interview with Paul Magel, President, CGS Applications and Technology Outsourcing


Reconfiguring the Warehouse for Omnichannel Operations

10/03/2016 - Once you’ve taken the steps to integrate your e-comm and brick-and-mortar supply chains, there are different paths to take to become truly omnichannel in distribution and fulfillment.
PLUS: Vendor Viewpoint – Interview with Kevin Reader, Director of Business Development & Marketing, Knapp Logistics Automation

Research and Reports:

Supply Chain Supply Network: Differentiating for Omnichannel Competitiveness

10/03/2016 - Collaboration platforms present a radically different IT model from traditional supply chain software. But different doesn’t have to mean difficult. Innovative new cloud-based platforms make it simple for retail trading partners to get connected and get down to business.

The Smart Apparel Factory of the Future - Here Today

10/03/2016 - From our household appliances to autonomous cars, it seems everything is becoming smarter. How does this trend translate into one of the most traditional bastions of labor-intensive production: the apparel plant? How is next-generation shop-floor control technology, integrated with modern enterprise solutions, enabling fashion factories to become more connected, more efficient and smarter? Read on.


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