Product News - April 2003

— April 01, 2003

ASAP of Georgia Inc. announces its new Visual AS/APT Critical Path Analysis (CPA) system that tracks sales orders through user-defined stages of completion. The CPA system projects completion dates based on requested start dates and task duration for such stages as dyeing, washing, cutting, embellishment, finishing, packing, shipping, etc. CPA is compatible with the Gantt/Pert charting capability of Microsoft Project for true visualization.

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datatex has integrated its Textile Integrated Manufacturing (TIM) ERP system with Orenburg's BOARD-Management Intelligence executive information and decision support system. As part of the integration, datatex is offering five new data analysis models to provide information on: sales, for analysis of order acceptance, agent activity, shipping and invoicing; procurement, for analysis of purchase orders and invoices; inventory, for analysis of raw and finished products; production, for analysis of production planning, launching and tracking; and fabric quality, for analysis of fault reports and fault maps. The models support relevant data transfer from TIM to the BOARD database, and present a list of commonly used statistics. For example, a "turnover analysis" allows the comparison between the annual sales of the current year and those of the previous year with variation percentages according to three aggregation types - by agent, customer and article.

In other news, the final release of datatex's e-RP.TEX has been distributed to participants in the e-RP.TEX development project, which is being funded by the European Commission under the Information Society Technologies (IST) program. The goal of the program is to open the internal informative systems of the textile industry to a well-defined user community, namely customers and sales agents. A product demo and more information are available at e-RP.TEX is an online B2B application that allows customers or sales agents to enter orders, review orders, inquire about delivery and see the production status and plan for orders.

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DyStar introduces Procion Brilliant Red XL+ reactive dye. It is designed to produce brilliant reds and scarlets and may be used for dyeing trichromatic shares in combination with Procion Yellow XL+ and Procion Dark Blue XL+. DyStar reports that Red XL+ has good buildup, excellent leveling properties and a good fastness profile, standing up well to repeated washing with modern detergents. In addition, the dye has good reproducibility and the potential for rapid processing, allowing significant improvements in productivity, the company states. The dye meets major ecological standards.

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EdgeWISE Tools Inc. announces the Shuttle Feed LaserT (SFL), incorporating its patented laser technology, for use in high-production cutting or marking of flexible materials up to 50 inches wide and 3/4 -inch thick on two servo motor-controlled shuttle tables. (Specially ordered models can handle widths up to 72 inches.) The SFL machine will cut, kiss-cut, mark or perforate materials such as tackle twill, industrial fabric, textiles, appliqu, sailcloth and plastics at speeds of up to 42 inches per second.

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EDI Support Inc. (ESI) announces the development of a program that complies with the new VICS bill of lading. Many retailers require that a standard VICS bill of lading form, with a 17-digit bill of lading number, be used for all shipments to them. ESI's EASY VICS BOL product can be installed as stand-alone software, or be integrated with application software. It can be set up to print only or to allow data entry and printing. The program also can be set up to automatically assign the bill of lading number and to print the bar coded bill of lading, SCAC and PRO numbers on the form. The new program can print to any Windows printer the standard form and supplement, eliminating much of the cost of purchasing or printing bill of lading forms, ESI reports.

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Fresh 'N Press Manufacturing introduces Pressers Edge Tensioner (P.E.T.). P.E.T., which occupies 144 square inches of floor space, is designed to work with existing pressing equipment to provide improved quality and reduced labor cost. The air-operated tensioner applies pressure to enable the operator to bring any fabric back into perfect alignment, the company reports, and may be easily adjusted to suit any fabric type. P.E.T. comes with a vacuum sleever, which has been designed to fit any area from shoulder to cuff.

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Glenoit Fabrics (H.G.) Corp. announces the release of a new line of faux furs for the apparel, home, accessories and footwear markets. Glenoit has worked with Kanecaron, a Japanese fiber supplier, to develop a new type of faux fur fiber and construction that offers a softer hand, the company reports.

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GretagMacbeth announces Enterprise Color Management (ECM), a program designed for global manufacturers to provide color development and management throughout their supply chains. The program has four focus areas: ECM Measure; ECM Control; ECM Communicate; and ECM Compliance. ECM Measure and Control focus on conventional spectrophotometers and software for measuring color, while ECM Communicate provides Web services to streamline color development. ECM Compliance ensures participants in the supply chain comply with corporate color programs, GretagMacbeth reports.

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New York Sewing Machine Inc. announces the release of the NYSM Version 1.1 interactive multimedia CD with QuickTimeT movie demonstrations of industrial sewing machines, attachments and labor-saving devices for the garment, apparel and home furnishings market. Users may select by device or by garment to view pullers, mechanical and computerized metering devices, special devices including untanglers, stitch counters, tape feeders, roller tension expanders and stackers, rufflers and pleaters, automated workstations and motors. The CD is compatable with MicrosoftT Windows 95 and MacOS (version 7.5 or later) systems. A 4X CD-ROM drive, 32MB RAM, 256-bit color monitor and at least 133 MHz are required.

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Pad System announces the release of Pad 4.1, the latest version of Pad's CAD/CAM technology, featuring added precision, new automated features that anticipate the development and production process and converters for reading and translating native files of other CAD/CAM software packages into Pad format, the company reports. Version 4.1 also interfaces with other software, including Nester. Version 4.1 enables the user to perform all pre-production processes with greater transparency, no data loss or distortion and without the need to change commands, Pad states. Pad System also has launched a new Web site that offers an overview of products and services, plus a showcase section featuring animated and interactive demonstrations, including Pad's new Haute Couture 3D software. The firm's real-time "e-catalogue" is available for trial use on the site.

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Tajima America Inc. announces several innovations designed to enable the embroidery professional to have a much easier and smoother operation during color changes and trimming. Tajima's patented thread locking system is designed to prevent thread pull-out during color change, trimming and frame movement. The middle thread guide tension spring (patent pending) improves sewing quality by "taking up" a variety of different threads through the use of an easily adjustable tension device located close to the needle. The lowered check spring tension and proximity to the needle make the system easy to use with popular polyester threads, Tajima reports. Additionally, Tajima's rotary tension device, also patent pending, automatically detects and indicates top or bottom thread breakage, stopping the machine and alerting the operator.

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TUKATECH announces a partnership with Switchtrack to provide TUKAtrack systems worldwide. The partnership enables TUKATECH to offer a low-cost, manually operated unit production system (UPS) that complements its TUKAina computerized UPS. TUKAtrack, a lower-cost alternative to a fully automated UPS, eliminates bundle handling while increasing productivity by more than 20 percent, the company reports. TUKATECH has added a data collection option at every Switchtrack workstation, for the monitoring of online payroll, status of work and efficiency of individuals or those working in a modular cell. In other developments, TUKATECH announces that TUKAWEB now offers online pattern making, grading and marker making to users of any CAD systems. Users can send TUKAWEB manually produced patterns or patterns in any CAD data format, and receive back the patterns in any desired CAD language. The turnaround time for delivering patterns is a maximum of 24 hours.

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