April 2005

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ecVision Announces Investment from Fung Capital USA

06/24/2009 - PRESS RELEASE

According to the firms, the investment leverages the international business network and expertise of the Li & Fung Group, the leading sourcing and supply chain management firm for several major brands and retailers. Find out more about the deepening partnership.

A "Sports Center" Universe Invigorates Apparel World

04/01/2005 - By MICHAEL COLE

One needs only to have witnessed the remarkable transformation of ESPN and its "Sports Center" domain during the past 25 years to understand the growing influence and appetite for sport by our society over the course of the past couple of decades.

Boosting the Brand

04/01/2005 - By Jordan K. Speer

Participants in Apparel's Full-Package Branding Roundtable said that reaching the consumer in today's competitive environment requires unique apparel products that go the extra mile, whether through private label products that speak to the value-conscious consumer, strong brands that speak to consumer identity, or high performance brands that offer enhanced features and tap into lifestyles from the busy executive to the extreme mountain climber.

Fashion Trends: WWDMAGIC All Aflutter with Butterfly Designs, Denim for Fall

04/01/2005 - By Daedalus Howell, Special to Apparel

Given the frequent appearance of butterfly designs wavering throughout the WWDMAGIC fashion trade show, held in February in Las Vegas, fashion professionals might have thought they were at an entomology convention.

Special Feature: Lost Prevention: Master Basics Before Going High-Tech

04/01/2005 - By William Atkinson, Special to Apparel

A National Retail Security Survey shows that U.S. retailers lose an average of 1.7 percent of their gross sales, or $33 billion a year, to shoplifting, employee theft and supply chain shrinkage.

Technology Initiatives: Digital vs. Screenprinting: Choosing What's Right for You

04/01/2005 - By Judson H. Early, [TC]2

In the screenprinting vs. digital printing debate, the issue of speed — namely, whether digital printing speed can match that of screenprinting — is a constant question.


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