PrimaLoft Introduces Two New Yarns for Performance

— April 01, 2009

PrimaLoft has introduced two new yarns: 100% PrimaLoft Yarn and re-engineered 50/50 PrimaLoft Merino Blend Yarn, for base layers and performance knit applications.

Both yarns were presented at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, in Salt Lake City, UT and also at the ISPO Winter Market 09, February 1-4 in Munich, Germany.

100% PrimaLoft Yarn is made of PrimaLoft micro denier polyester fibers, which are finer than cashmere fibers and designed to provide a luxurious and soft performance yarn.

When paired with a hydrophilic yarn, the moisture repelling 100% PrimaLoft Yarn transfers moisture vapor away from the skin to the outside surface of the fabric, keeping the skin dry, warm and comfortable.

Base layer garments made with 100% PrimaLoft Yarn are intended for activities such as skiing, hiking, running, golf and cycling in all climates.
PrimaLoft Merino Blend Yarn is a blend of Merino wool and PrimaLoft fibers, which until now has been used primarily for socks, sweaters and accessories.
The reengineered 50/50 blend of Merino wool and PrimaLoft has been designed to offer superior wicking properties for base-layer applications. This proprietary moisture management system, called Quick Draw Technology, transfers moisture vapor away from the skin. Base layers and garments made with PrimaLoft Merino Blend Yarn are offered  for outdoor enthusiasts who demand performance, warmth and comfort.

PrimaLoft says both new performance yarns offer brands with new opportunities, adding that they are easy to care for and machine washable.

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