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 April 2011
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Cover Story:
Exclusive From Gilt Groupe: Flash Sales, Flash Delivery
Author: Masha Zager
Gilt Groupe has handed out some 3 million invitations to its invitation-only events. Scaling up fast enough to deliver the goods has been a challenge.
Publisher's Note:
All The World’s A Stage (Is China the Director?)
Author: Susan S. Nichols
Luen Thai International Group Ltd., recently gave an update on China at the American and Apparel Footwear Association’s (AAFA) Annual Summit.
The Market:
Will Boutiques.com Change Online Apparel Shopping?
Author: By Liz Parks
As an innovative new visual search tool, Boutiques.com has the potential to dramatically drive online sales of apparel -- or to drive customers into stores to purchase items they like on Boutiques.com.
The Market: Briefs:
Unlocking the Secrets of Mobile Engagement
Author: By Jordan Speer
Speaking at Apparel's Tech Conference West in Los Angeles, mobile expert Jim Crawford shared insights into what it takes for retailers to develop a smart mobile strategy.
AAFA Looks to Flex Its Muscles on Free Trade, Other Issues
Incoming American Apparel and Footwear Association chairman Rick Darling plans to strengthen the AAFA’s influence internationally and exercise more influence in Washington relative to elections.
Neiman Marcus Launches NMDaily Fashion Blog
This new effort from the luxury retailer offers exclusive information and advice on fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
Retail Intelligence:
CRM: Helping Apparel Companies Compete
Author: Jessica Binns
While many apparel brands and retailers use customer relationship management solutions to stay in the game, some companies leverage the technology to stand out from the crowd.
Retail Intelligence: In Brief:
Social Media, Mobile Payoff Continues for Wet Seal
Author: Susan S. Nichols

Store Returns Offer Challenge — and Opportunity

ECCO Implements ARC Merchandise Analytics
ARC Merchandise Analytics integrates myriad systems in ECCO's enterprise, centralizing data and introducing a unified and consistent approach into ECCO's decision making.
Supply Chain: Case Study:
Integrating Systems to Right-Size Inventory
Author: Deena M. Amato-McCoy
With a centralized system from Logility, Haggar Clothing Co. expects to improve its planning and forecasting operations and reduce inventory levels.
Sourcing & Logistics: Case Study:
Getting Financing on Your Customer’s Good Name
Author: Masha Zager
Designer Perry Ellis handles nearly all of its payment processing on a cloud-based platform that both increases efficiency and lessens risk.
PLUS: Vendor Viewpoint — Interview with Kurt Cavano, Chairman and CEO of TradeCard
Sourcing & Logistics: In Brief:
New Options for Duty-Free Apparel Imports on the Horizon
Author: By Elise Shibles
Congressional action is more likely this year on the U.S.-Korea, U.S.-Colombia and U.S.-Panama free trade agreements than it has been in quite a while.
Fiber-to-Fabric: Case Study:
Cotton Price Volatility Plagues Apparel Market with Uncertainty
Author: By Manik Mehta
Greater demand and shorter supply have pushed cotton prices to an all time high as global unrest and disasters continue to wreak havoc in the marketplace.
Fiber-to-Fabric: In Brief:
CORDURA® Introduces New Fabrics to Market

Dow Corning’s DEFLEXION™ Offers Flexibility and Protection
Scott Sports is Fourth Company to Adopt the Technology into its Apparel
Basofil Adds Distributor in Turkey
Basofil, which produces heat-insulating and flame-resistant fibers, will distribute its products in Turkey and neighboring Near East countries via Istanbul-based EDPA KIMYA.
GOTS Version 3 Lifts Total Ban on Chemical Finishes
Other revisions include a prohibition on garment finishing methods considered harmful to workers and a requirement that any polyester in GOTS-certified products be made of post-consumer recycled material by 2014.
Research and Reports:
The Cross-Channel Roadmap: Unification Uncovers Lost Opportunities
Author: Sahir Anand & Chris Cunnane
Retailers that do not integrate multi-channel business approaches or establish a cross-channel strategy under-perform compared to their integrated peers on key metrics such as customer satisfaction and average year-over-year revenue. Find out here how your business can work toward a successful multi-channel strategy.


Discover How To Keep Up With More of Your Mobile Customers
6/24/2014 11:00:00 AM (EST)
Susan Nichols, Publisher, Apparel Magazine
Ron Klein, "Total Retail" Service Leader, PwC Advisory
Annabelle Hoover, Director of Customer Service, North America, BROOKS SPORTS, INC.
Marie-Pascale Authie, Solution Consultant, Infor Fashion
Bob McKee, Industry Strategy Director, Infor Fashion
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Planning in the Omnichannel World with a Single View of Inventory
5/13/2014 11:00:00 AM (EST)
Susan Nichols, Publisher, Apparel Magazine
Rich Pedott, Partner, Columbus Consulting
Peter Charness, SVP America’s & CMO, TXT MAPLE LAKE
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How product lifecycle management fuels the momentum of fashion How product lifecycle management fuels the momentum of fashion
Leading fashion companies generate a special kind of momentum, a phenomenon where recent success fuels current success, which in turn sparks future success. The ability to rapidly turn today’s hit product into tomorrow’s durable brand is no accident—it’s a specific set of practices that companies can identify and repeat to achieve lasting competitive advantage. Read this White Paper – authored by Bob McKee, Infor, Industry Strategy Director to learn how fashion companies need to strive for better responsiveness to consumer trends, more efficient design and production, smarter sourcing, and improved capabilities for monitoring compliance and sustainability requirements.


Virtual Fitting - What is Possible? Virtual Fitting - What is Possible?
Customer and market-driven products are the main objective for success. The route taken to achieve that objective must be constantly shortened, making processes faster and more cost-efficient. This specifically requires using the right processes and technologies, for example, increasing the effectiveness of prototyping through virtual 3D. We invite you to learn more about the capabilities of today's virtual fitting technology.
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