April 2017

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Apparel’s Annual Cross-Channel Report: Five Retailer Investments for an Uncertain Future

03/30/2017 - John G. Maxwell, PwC

With the continuing shift in customer preferences away from the physical store, a lingering low-growth environment in many parts of the world, and an unforgiving global marketplace that demands unprecedented technological sophistication, some retailers, including apparel companies, are being confronted with threats to their very existence. Here’s what they can do to reverse the tide.

Publisher's Note:

Innovation: It’s in the Bag

03/30/2017 - Susan S. Nichols, Apparel Brand Director

Can you guess which retailer might have commented, "We haven't provided sufficient context around our brand" or "We haven't been innovative enough?"

Supply Chain:

How Fast Fashion Exposes Retailers to Supply Chain Compliance Risks

03/30/2017 - Cyndi Fulk Lago and Michael Wohlfart, Capgemini

When pursued by manufacturing without regard to the supply chain, fast fashion can bring a steep cost, and maybe more than most companies can afford in the long run.

The Retailer’s ERP Checklist: Four Steps Retailers Should Take Before Investing in ERP Software

03/30/2017 - Eskander Yavar, Natalie Kotlyar, BDO

Is your ERP system compatible with the way you use information now and want to use it in future? PLUS: Vendor Viewpoint Interview with Matt Rhodus, Oracle NetSuite Global Business Unit


Advances in Pre-Production Product Innovation and PLM

03/30/2017 - Victoria Brown

The need for speed to market, especially for fast fashion, as well as rising expectations for workspace tools, are among other factors creating a sense of urgency around faster turnaround starting from the design stage. Retailers that don’t adapt tools to keep up with this modern pace, such as 3D imaging and augmented and virtual reality, for example, will fall behind their peers and competitors.

Research and Reports:

4 Factors Driving ERP Investment

03/28/2017 -

Fashion and consumer goods brands, manufacturers and retailers know the old adage well: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But is the technology status quo causing your company to miss new opportunities or fall behind competitors? Drawing from real-world examples and expert insights, this report explores four strategic factors driving ERP investment.


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