Product News - August 2003

By  Tracy Haisley, Apparel — August 01, 2003

Ajax has introduced a new feature on its cabinet bag sleever presses. Available as a standard feature on current production models and as a retro-fit item for existing sleevers, the shirt hold-down device ensures that the shirt is held in place during sleeve pressing by preventing the shirt from riding up as the airbags inflate.

Dave Phillips . 800-228-AJAX . ReaderLink #92

The American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) has announced the first in a series of CD-ROMs designed to explain and demonstrate AATCC test methods and evaluation procedures. The Color Assessment CD contains evaluation procedures that relate to the use of the gray scales for color change and staining, the 9-step chromatic transference scale, the fundamentals of visual assessment and the use of color instruments in assessment. There is also a practical demonstration of the correct use of each of the color scales. These evaluation procedures are vital for assessing color in product design and development as well as manufacturing and quality control, the association reports.

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Capital Resource has released Logo Builder, a software product that allows users to load a graphic file such as a jpg or a stitch file, simulating it as digitized stitches, and then displaying the stitch simulation on garments of choice. This product is designed to reduce the related costs of sample digitizing and sew outs. The finished simulation can be saved or e-mailed to prospects for approval. Logo Builder's features also include the ability to change stitch file formats, modify colors, add text from true type fonts, save stitch files as a jpg, calculate stitch count and view design libraries.

Larry Russell . 877-374-2272 . ReaderLink #94

Columbitech has released Wireless Suite - Retail Edition, a new security solution for protecting key retail applications, such as wireless DOS handheld devices, without loss of connectivity. The Wireless Suite solution offers network protection, strong encryption and advanced authentication for the protection of wireless data and business networks, from inventory control and logistics management to warehouse distribution and vendor managed inventory applications. The solution also features always-on connectivity and dependable server technology, the company reports. In addition, Wireless Suite offers support for legacy DOS handheld devices such as POS scanners.

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Dalco Athletic Lettering has released a new faux chenille called Dal-ChenilleT, which is a looped acrylic fabric that offers the texture, look and feel of real chenille. While chenille must be manufactured one piece at a time on felt backing, Dal-ChenilleT is created on roll goods, which are custom cut to specification and delivered in a week or less, the company reports. Offered in stock or custom letters, numbers, and shapes, Dal-ChenilleT can be applied to any apparel with the use of an embroidery machine. The company also offers its EasyStitchT Program disks, each of which is custom created and will automatically sew any stock number, letter or shape. Stock items include letters such as block, Greek and script; block numbers come in two-inch and three-inch sizes; and shapes include megaphones, baseballs, basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, volleyballs and sports emblems. Almost any mascot, ball or lettering can be custom designed to the client's specifications. Custom names also can be created as a one-piece appliqu.

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Hart Enterprises has released Professional Embroidery: Business by Design by Helen Hart Momsen, writer and columnist for industry trade magazines and a more than 20-year veteran of the embroidery industry. The book covers a wide range of issues specific to the embroidery business, including chapters on self employment, insurance, choosing equipment and software, copyright questions, garment construction as well as digitizing and editing. . ReaderLink #97

Lion Button Co.'s fall line of buttons includes in its collection more than 60 styles of buttons made of nylon, polyester, melamine and metal. The polyester buttons can simulate a variety of looks including pearl, mother of pearl and mottled horn. Additionally, buttons may be custom created to meet your needs by the company's team of designers.

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Lurex Co. Ltd. has introduced new threads that use iridescent film technology to create new effects in a wide range of apparel and woven goods for the youth market. The threads feature Engelhard Aurora FluoridescentT film, which combines the fluorescent effect popular in the '60s and '70s with iridescence to create a "fluoridescent" effect. Aurora Fluoridescent films were created by combining iridescent film with fluorescent dyes. Fluoridescent films are available in five retro colors: Gogo Grape, Groovy Green, Mellow Yellow, Psychedelic Orange and Purple Haze. Engelhard's traditional Aurora films express color through light interference, not with pigments or dyes. An extrusion process produces more than 100 microlayers at a time, creating a multicolor effect in a 17-micron-thick film. When white light strikes the film, it is partially reflected from each layer of the film's optical core. The reflected light rays interact to create complementary reflected and transmitted colors, so the film appears to express different colors as a person's viewing angle changes.

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M&R Sales & Service Inc. has added Discovery to its line of inline multi-color UV print/cure systems. Discovery produces images in a new size: 44" x 64" (112 cm x 163 cm) and can print on a wide variety of stocks, from ultra-thin substrates to one-inch (2.54 cm) materials. Discovery's vacuum system holds each substrate securely to a single moving table throughout the print/cure process. Inline indexing tables maintain registration and provide protection for the finished side of double-sided prints. Electronically controlled central off-contact allows operators to change all printheads from the main control panel in seconds, and carriage high-lift settings allow users to unload screens without removing squeegees and floodbars. Discovery also features flat flood capability, an electronically adjustable ink retrieval system, and a digital microprocessor with self-diagnostics.

Additionally, the company has added Processor II E to its line of inline multi-color UV print/cure systems. Processor II E offers larger four-post shafts and an enclosed, heavy-duty printhead with extrusions twice as wide as the previous generation, the company reports. Features include a touch-screen master control panel, touch-screen panels at each printhead and Internet access for remote operation and direct contact with M&R technical support. Processor II E also supports up to eight cameras that feed into an oversized display panel, allowing the operator to closely monitor each printhead and the unload operation without leaving the load station. Operators can make all printhead and UV settings on a touch-screen at the main control panel or on touch-screens at each printhead. Electronic off-contact is set by keying in the desired height, reducing off-contact setup to seconds. Electronic peel starts at zero from the starting position of the print stroke. Processor II E also includes a UPC scanner.

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Paxar Corp. is launching its Soft.markT line of comfort labeling solutions to the apparel industry. The line includes specially engineered heat transfer, woven and printed labels, as well as labeling supplies for in-plant printing applications, and is created using Paxar's SoSoftT technology.

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Stahls' has introduced newly formulated Thermo-FILMT and Thermo-GRIPT materials. The improved materials eliminate "strike-through" and enable two-color applications that retain a crisp, true color that holds up to the abuse of playing fields and daily washings, the company reports. Stahls' enhanced Thermo-FILM and Thermo-GRIP have been formulated to match standard athletic shades. Also available in CAD-CUTT materials, the advanced Thermo-FILM and Thermo-GRIP are easier to cut and weed.

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