August 2005

Issue Article:

The Factoring Business: How Times Have Changed

08/18/2009 - By Harold I. Dundish, Senior Vice President and Division Manager for IDB Factors, a division of IDB Bank

The landscape of the factoring business has evolved over the past several decades.

Inside Apparel: Fear and Clothing in America: Reflections on CAFTA-DR

08/01/2005 -

Remember the Iran-Contra Affair?

Issues & Updates: Retailers: U.S. Bottlenecks Slowing Supply Chain

08/01/2005 - Compiled by Michael Cole, Apparel

At a recent supply chain seminar, sourcing and logistics-focused executives expressed concerns about railroad and other transportation inefficiencies.

Letters - August 2005

08/01/2005 -

Marketplace Update: Urban Wear: Moving to a New Beat

08/01/2005 - JORDAN K. SPEER

Ask Phat Fashions founder and CEO Russell Simmons what urban wear is, and he'll tell you he doesn't know.

Product News: On the Market - Coming Soon

08/01/2005 - By Kathleen DesMarteau, Apparel

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, a Spanish fashion and lifestyle designer, is opening her first U.S. store in New York's SoHo district this fall.

Special Feature: China Appeals to U.S. Buyers with 'Supply Chain Cities'

08/01/2005 - By Staci Kusterbeck, Contributing Author

Despite safeguards that promise to create confusion around Chinese apparel sourcing for at least the next few years, China remains the most-desired sourcing locale for many U.S. firms that value its low labor costs and integrated supply chain.

Special Feature: Chinese Firms Persevere Amid Uncertainty

08/01/2005 - By Jan Kot, Special to Apparel

Chinese apparel enterprises are steering through a challenging intersection as they drive toward ambitious long-term expansion goals

Technology Initiatives: Confronting RFID: Where Do We Go from Here?

08/01/2005 - By Michael Cole, Apparel

In a webinar produced by Apparel and sponsored by PAXAR, panelists who developed RFID's EPC standards shared insights about the technology's evolution, cited ROI benefits beyond basic compliance and offered an upbeat prognosis of its capabilities for the apparel industry.


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