December 2005

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All-Star Salute: Apparel Recognizes 10 Award-Winning Firms

12/01/2005 -

Apparel All-Star Award winners were tapped by the Apparel editorial team for their performance against four criteria, including: a track record of growth; excellence in management; innovation; and corporate goodwill that reflects positively on the industry.

All-Star Salute: Bill Khakis - Nominated by SEAMS

12/01/2005 - by Staci Kusterbeck, Contributing Author

Bills Khakis is really on to something. The Reading, PA-based firm is selling World War II Army-issue-style khakis for almost $100 a pair at retail.

All-Star Salute: Chico's FAS - Nominated by [TC]2

12/01/2005 - by William Atkinson, Contributing Author

Chico's FAS Inc., based in Fort Myers, FL, has become one of the most successful vertically integrated retailers in the United States.

All-Star Salute: Fessler USA - Nominated by Gerber Technology

12/01/2005 - by Thomas J. Ryan, Contributing Author

FesslerUSA faced a crisis a decade ago when offshore sourcing picked up in Mexico and the Caribbean Basin, and major retailers told the company they would no longer buy its traditional American-made knit tops.

All-Star Salute: Gerson & Gerson (Bonnie Jean) - Nominated by TukaTech

12/01/2005 - by Thomas J. Ryan, Contributing Author

The good thing about making social-occasion dresses is that the category is one of the few these days that department stores haven't chosen to knock off with their own private label lines.

All-Star Salute: Grand All-Star: Columbia Sportswear

12/01/2005 - by Bonnie McCarthy, Contributing Author

Gert Boyle is one tough mother, and Columbia Sportswear Co. loves her for it. Last year the company her German-immigrant parents founded in 1938 in Portland, OR, surpassed the billion-dollar mark in sales.

All-Star Salute: Harry Rosen Inc. - Nominated by GERS Retail Systems

12/01/2005 - by Thomas J. Ryan, Contributing Author

Soon after Harry Rosen opened his first store in Toronto in 1954, he began filling out note cards to record not only the purchase history but also the favorite hobbies and other personal tidbits about each client.

All-Star Salute: Jones Apparel Group - Nominated by UGS

12/01/2005 - by Staci Kusterbeck, Contributing Author

Jones Apparel Group is no stranger to trying the untried, and taking on huge new challenges.

All-Star Salute: Mothers Work Inc. - Nominated by Apparel Magazine

12/01/2005 - by Staci Kusterbeck, Contributing Author

The maternity wear sector may be a tiny one compared with other apparel categories, but it's a very stable market, and one in which the largest player, Mothers Work Inc., has found many avenues to propel its steady growth.

All-Star Salute: Redcats USA - Nominated by PTC

12/01/2005 - by William Atkinson, Contributing Author

Redcats USA is the U.S. division of Redcats, the home shopping division of Paris-based retail giant Pinault-Printemps-Redoute (PPR).

All-Star Salute: Stony Apparel/Great Escape - Nominated by California Fashion Association

12/01/2005 - by Bonnie McCarthy, Contributing Author

That's how Steve Maiman describes the corporate culture at Great Escape Mfg. Corp. and Stony Apparel Corp., the Los Angeles, CA-based companies he and partner Tony Litman founded more than two decades ago.

Event Report: Apparel Executive Forum 2005: Forum Explores Supply Chain's Future

12/01/2005 - by Kathleen DesMarteau, Apparel

Apparel's Executive Forum presentations provided real-world examples and leading-edge research.

Inside Apparel: Form Follows Function

12/01/2005 - Jordan K. Speer

It's that time of year when most of us are doing some sort of holiday shopping. Imagine that, as you set about this task, you first purchase stacks of beautiful laminated boxes, along with coordinating gift paper, ribbons and bows.


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