December 2011

Research and Reports:

Sourcing Maturity: Finding the Path to Sourcing and PLM Integration Excellence

11/22/2011 - Janet Suleski & Lucie Draper

In an environment where lead time, cost management, product quality, and access to raw materials force sourcing organizations into tough decisions sometimes at odds with the goals of consumer-centricity, sourcing maturity and alignment with product lifecycle management activities play an increasingly important role in balancing the tradeoffs that must be made.

Why Continuous, Integrated Planning is All The Fashion

11/21/2011 -

Today’s savvy apparel brands and retailers recognize the need for a technology-based holistic planning approach that allows for continuous re-planning within the season in order to capitalize on consumer buying patterns in the here and now.


11/17/2011 - Jordan K. Speer

In wrapping up 2011 and looking forward to — or perhaps bracing for — 2012, Apparel turned to its esteemed Editorial Advisory Board, along with a few other industry executives, to gain the perspective of their views on the coming year. Specifically, we asked about challenges and opportunities, the role technology will play and expectations for the year vs. the past 12 months. Here’s what they had to say.


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