February 2017

Cover Story:

10th Annual Top Technology Trends in the Apparel Market

02/01/2017 - Janet Suleski and Lucie Draper, Gartner

CRM, SCM, Multi-Channel Management Push Up 2017 Spending Plans

Lowering product costs, improving customer/consumer relationship management and improving the success rate of new products are the most important business initiatives for 2017. Now apparel brands, retailers and manufacturers must double down to ensure that their technology adoption and investments are aligned with these goals. 

Research and Reports:

Apparel’s 2017 Executive Guide to Responsible Global Production

02/01/2017 - Margaret Bishop

Part 1: Boost Your Compliance IQ: Why, Who, What and How 

With compliance and reputation at unprecedented levels of importance, it’s a good time to test, and boost, your compliance IQ and that of your team, including your partners in the supply chain.
PLUS: Executive Perspective with Amber Road

The X Factor

02/01/2017 -

Part I: Are Local to Local Factories Our Salvation?

A smart approach to producing locally can be less expensive – and less risky – than producing in Asia. 


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