January 2004

Executive Feature:

Retailer-Vendor Collaboration: Why It Matters and How Technology Can Help

05/27/2008 - Paula Rosenblum

It is no longer acceptable to take two years to bring a new product to market; the profitable life cycle of merchandise continues to shrink.

Retail 2.0: Opportunities Abound

04/24/2008 - Chris Fletcher and Rob Garf

From life sciences to manufacturing, consumer electronics, and high-tech industries, companies across the board are taking advantage of consumer Web 2.0 technologies such as social networking, blogs, wikis and the like to gain valuable insights into customers...but not retail.

Designing Profitable Fashion with Apparel PLM

03/25/2008 -

Life in the fashion world simply isn't getting any easier, is it? If you feel like things are getting tougher and you have less time to get everything done, you're not alone.

Executive Viewpoint:

Shopping Comes Alive With Rich Internet Applications

06/24/2008 - Mike Afergan

How are today's most successful retailers creating online shopping experiences that rival those in the real world? The key lies in Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) that drive more personalized, interactive online shopping experiences.

Turning Rich Internet Applications into Riches: What do RIAs Mean for Retail?

06/23/2008 -

Rich Internet Applications, or RIAs, have officially joined the jargon jar. The term has come to mean so many things that it's hard to tell what people are really talking about when they talk about RIAs - sort of like the problem facing the term "Web 2.0."

Where is the Value in a Supply Chain Solution?

05/27/2008 - Gary M. Barraco

When a retail organization makes an investment in a software solution - such as product lifecycle management (PLM) - that impacts critical business units, return on investment is anticipated - and expected.

Deliver Your In-Store Experience Online With Optimized Rich Content & Video

04/24/2008 - Brad Rinkler

As apparel retailers intensify their efforts to duplicate the rich, multimedia-driven visual environments of their physical stores in the online channel, video streaming and interactive shopping applications present real challenges that

Don't Let Application Performance and Usability Issues Impact Your PLM Investment

03/25/2008 -

It's a fact: when it comes to your supply chain, there's no such thing is 'fashionably' late.

Issue Article:

2010 & Beyond Series Finale: Luxury Power at Neiman Marcus

07/05/2006 -

Neiman Marcus, the Dallas-based luxury chain, is pursuing growth in smaller markets not known for being wealthy enclaves.

"Lean" vs. "Agile" Considerations Shape Supply Chain Strategies

01/01/2004 - By Sachit Bhatia, Technopak Advisors

The customer can have any color he wants so long as it's black, is a statement that has become a familiar, humorous footnote in automotive history.

10 Great Things about the Garment Biz

01/01/2004 - By Kathleen DesMarteau, Apparel

We had so much fun researching and writing this month's special feature on the Top 20 strategies for 2004 that after it was done, I found I couldn't stop thinking about other lists it would be interesting to compile.

Analysts' Perspective - January 2004

01/01/2004 -

For success in 2004, manufacturers must continue to offer a competitive price, quality product and on-time delivery.

Apparel Firms to Share Case Studies at eTail 2004

01/01/2004 -

Approximately 25 apparel brands and retailers will share their best practices and strategies for e-tailing and multi-channel retailing at eTail 2004 next month.

China Safeguards Draw Praise, Ire

01/01/2004 - By compiled Tracy Haisley, Apparel

The U.S. government's approval of China safeguard petitions related to imports of Chinese knit fabrics, bras and dressing gowns evoked strong reactions of support and disapproval from the apparel, textile and retail industries.

How 'mi adidas' Provides Personalized Style, Fit

01/01/2004 - NIKI TAIT

Levi Strauss & Co., Brooks Brothers and Lands' End have set the bar high with their pioneering efforts in customization of apparel, and Nike has proven itself an agile competitor in offering customized footwear.

Industry Notes - January 2004

01/01/2004 -

Aussie Apparel Group Ltd. has changed its name to Bluetorch Inc. to reflect its new focus on the BluetorchT brand in the American marketplace.

Material World to Feature Sourcing Panel

01/01/2004 -

The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) will present an "AAFA Sourcing Summit" panel discussion on May 18 in Miami, FL, to kick off Material World's educational program.

The Hispanic Work Force: How to Deal with Diversity

01/01/2004 - By Woodruff Imberman and Mariah deForest, Imberman and DeForest Inc.

It does not take a scholarly savant nor a crystal ball-bearing soothsayer to realize that the surging wave of Hispanic immigrants is having a profound effect on American society and on our apparel industry as well.

Three Trade Shows to be Staged Simultaneously

01/01/2004 -

Three industry trade shows, offering a range of equipment, fabric, trim, sourcing services and technology, will be held May 18-20 in Miami Beach, FL.


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