June 2004

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A Quota Quandary

06/01/2004 -

For years, apparel companies have been operating by the Wimpy Principle.

Action Sports Success: Total Immersion Required

06/01/2004 - By Kathleen DesMarteau, Apparel

A look inside the skateboarding industry provides a compelling example of lifestyle marketing at its best.

Airgate Technologies

06/01/2004 -

Airgate Technologies. Vietnam's Vung Tau Commercial Port has selected Airgate as its RFID services supplier.

American Apparel & Footwear Association

06/01/2004 -

American Association of Textile Chemists & Colorists

06/01/2004 -

An April Wall Street Journal article

06/01/2004 -

An April Wall Street Journal article by Geoffrey Fowler discussed designer Philippe Starck's plans to identify potentially hot brands in China, and help Chinese manufacturers to become brand manufacturers in their own right, instead of producers of merchandise with Western logos.

Apparel magazine is launching its China Symposium & Sourcing Fair

06/01/2004 -

Apparel magazine is launching its China Symposium & Sourcing Fair, an educational and networking event to take place Sept. 13-16 in Shanghai, China.

Apparel Q&A

06/01/2004 -

Why does cashmere testing take so long and why is it so difficult?

Apparel's Tech Conference 2004: Mark Your Calendar!

06/01/2004 -

Follows Apparel's Tech Conference 2004, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Nov. 11 at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), Los Angeles.

Breaking into new product categories

06/01/2004 -

Setting up shop in China. It's all in a day's work for Hot Kiss as the brand seeks to entrench itself in the life of a certain fashion-conscious female that CEO Moshe Tsabag sees as quite universal.

Business Management Systems (BMS)

06/01/2004 -

Collaboration can speed fashion cycle

06/01/2004 - By Jamie Swedberg, Contributing Author

They say nothing is certain except death and taxes.

Color Profile: Examining Processes at Lilly Pulitzer

06/01/2004 - By Jordan K. Speer, Apparel

Indeed, color has defined Lilly since the inception of the brand in the '60s, when Lilly Pulitzer (then wife of Peter Pulitzer, grandson of the Pulitzer Prize's Joseph Pulitzer) created for herself a brightly colored shift that would allow comfortable movement and disguise the citrus juice stains that were an inevitable result of her labor-intensive days at her fruit juice stand.

Delivering more! More frequently!

06/01/2004 -

Eton Systems Inc

06/01/2004 -

Extreme Makeover: Reinvigorating the Brand

06/01/2004 -

The brand. It encompasses everything from the company logo and name to the design of the merchandise, the image it portrays and its presentation at retail.

Groups Study New York's Full-Package Potential

06/01/2004 -

With the advent of global sourcing and growing focus on full-package production in the Far East, the notion of full-package production in New York may seem but a faded memory.

How to Reduce Materials Handling Costs

06/01/2004 - By Niki Tait, Apparel Solutions

It's a well-known theory: Sewing factories spend 80 percent of their time handling product vs. 20 percent of time sewing, pressing or finishing.

Let's celebrate success stories in the apparel business!

06/01/2004 -

Marshal Cohen, Chief Industry Analyst, The NPD Group Inc.

06/01/2004 -

[It's an] interesting issue that I have watched and studied from other industries.

New Initiatives May Ease

06/01/2004 - By John Caulfield, Special to Apparel

Federated Department Stores conducted an open forum at its logistics and operations facility in Secaucus, NJ, to exchange ideas with suppliers about its plans to require consolidated shipments next year.

Owner/Founder/CEO: Moshe Tsabag

06/01/2004 -

Product News - June 2004

06/01/2004 -

Alias, a Silicon Graphics Inc. company, is offering its Alias SketchBook Pro digital sketching tool to fashion designers.

RadiciSpandex Increases Capacity, Commits to U.S., European Production

06/01/2004 -

A sign of its confidence in the spandex and polyamide fiber market and its commitment to U.S. manufacturing, RadiciSpandex Corp. is expanding production capacity at its Tuscaloosa, AL, manufacturing plant.


06/01/2004 -

Skateboarding has gained national attention from television coverage of extreme sports, video games and from the movies.

The American Association of Textile Chemists & Colorists (AATCC)

06/01/2004 -

The American Association of Textile Chemists & Colorists (AATCC) has published "Technical Supplement," a compilation of textile procedures and guidelines.

trend spotter - June 2004

06/01/2004 -

Do you dream of dancing in color? Frontline Dance, a division of Capezio, has released the TS1 interchangeable color system.

U.S. Trade Delegates Discuss China's Open Textile Capacity

06/01/2004 -

During a recent trade mission to China, U.S. textile, retail and apparel executives visited clean, modern factories with advanced technology and skilled workers.


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