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 May 2005
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Design Agility Achieved with PDM/PLM
Author: By Brant Seibert, Special to Apparel
Software can track deadlines, take care of those nitty-gritty details and manage those "other" areas of the business, enabling the end user to focus on what he or she does best - fashion design.
Event Report: eTail 2005: Seamless Multichannel Experience Difficult to Master
Author: by Bonnie McCarthy, Special to Apparel
Order online. Pick up in store. It sounds easy enough, but oh how difficult it can be.
Inside Apparel: Organic Apparel? Why Bother?
Author: Jordan K. Speer
Two years ago, I laughed when my friend Carrie informed me that she was buying an "organic futon," just as I did when she said she was having herbs burned on her back to ease pain, and at the news that she travels two hours round trip twice a week to purchase raw milk from an organic dairy farmer.
Issues & Updates:U.S. Government Self-Initiates Safeguard Investigation in Six Categories; Associations File Safeguard Petitions in 14 More Categories
Author: Compiled by Michael Cole, Apparel
In an unprecedented move, the U.S. government self-initiated the China textile safeguard process in six product categories early last month to determine whether the U.S. market has been disrupted by a surge in Chinese imports of these products.
Letters: Color Evaluation Article Inaccurate, Misleading
Regarding the article "An Enlightening Experience: Standardizing the Color Evaluation Process" by David Albrecht, GTI, published in your February issue and on your Web site, I am very concerned that you published an article that references inaccurate facts and figures.
Product News - May 2005
Author: By Kathleen DesMarteau, Apparel
ApparelMagic, a software developed by Murphy & Associates, now includes an e-commerce solution to enable apparel manufacturers and retailers to sell their products via the Internet.
Special Feature: Organic Clothing: It's Not Just for Tree Huggers Anymore
Author: By Jordan K. Speer, Apparel
If your image of organic clothing involves a napiform, gray gunnysack, it's time to take a second look at a rapidly changing -- and increasingly fashionable -- industry.
Technology Initiatives: Clienteling: Retailers Get Up Close and Personal with Customers
Author: By Staci Kusterbeck, Special to Apparel
A man searches frantically for a size medium cashmere sweater for his wife's birthday, but can only find extra-smalls.


Discover How To Keep Up With More of Your Mobile Customers
6/24/2014 11:00:00 AM (EST)
Susan Nichols, Publisher, Apparel Magazine
Ron Klein, "Total Retail" Service Leader, PwC Advisory
Annabelle Hoover, Director of Customer Service, North America, BROOKS SPORTS, INC.
Marie-Pascale Authie, Solution Consultant, Infor Fashion
Bob McKee, Industry Strategy Director, Infor Fashion
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Planning in the Omnichannel World with a Single View of Inventory
5/13/2014 11:00:00 AM (EST)
Susan Nichols, Publisher, Apparel Magazine
Rich Pedott, Partner, Columbus Consulting
Peter Charness, SVP America’s & CMO, TXT MAPLE LAKE
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How product lifecycle management fuels the momentum of fashion How product lifecycle management fuels the momentum of fashion
Leading fashion companies generate a special kind of momentum, a phenomenon where recent success fuels current success, which in turn sparks future success. The ability to rapidly turn today’s hit product into tomorrow’s durable brand is no accident—it’s a specific set of practices that companies can identify and repeat to achieve lasting competitive advantage. Read this White Paper – authored by Bob McKee, Infor, Industry Strategy Director to learn how fashion companies need to strive for better responsiveness to consumer trends, more efficient design and production, smarter sourcing, and improved capabilities for monitoring compliance and sustainability requirements.


Virtual Fitting - What is Possible? Virtual Fitting - What is Possible?
Customer and market-driven products are the main objective for success. The route taken to achieve that objective must be constantly shortened, making processes faster and more cost-efficient. This specifically requires using the right processes and technologies, for example, increasing the effectiveness of prototyping through virtual 3D. We invite you to learn more about the capabilities of today's virtual fitting technology.
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