Product News - November 2003

— November 01, 2003

AL Systems has released a radio-frequency identification (RFID) solution. It can be fully integrated with AL Systems applications, which in turn integrate with major WMS and ERP systems. This RFID technology is designed to save cost and to provide fewer misreads and greater durability and accuracy than traditional barcode systems. No line of sight is required to read and process RFID data.

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ASAP of Georgia Inc. has released its Import Costing and Pre-production Setup modules. Designed for importers, these programs work together to allow the user to create new styles with no supporting detail and progressively "fill in the blanks" as more detailed information becomes available. The user may specify packaging, construction, vendor, detailed four-parallel sourcing costs for comparison, duties and variable currencies. The program also allows the user to indicate whether the company, customer or source provides each component. Once the import package is confirmed and the final cost determined, the program can generate the style master record, purchase orders for the sourcing vendor and the customer's sales orders. This system also includes forms for documenting and controlling the manufacturing requirements.

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Associated Global Systems (AGS) has released an incoming freight program for purchasing managers. The program allows coordination of incoming shipments from any zip code in the United States and 205 countries worldwide. The program monitors and tracks orders shipped from the supplier and sends alerts to computers, cell phones, pagers, telephones or PDAs. The system can capture special requirements for a company's vendors, and revisions may be made by phone or e-mail. AGS reports that it provides competitive rates on specific freight tariffs for every entry level, and offers time-definite door-to-door service. AGS also assigns a personal expeditor at its national call center to each customer's needs. The expeditor will monitor all incoming shipments to make sure they conform to the standards that have been set for each supplier. All shipments can be tracked in

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Checkpoint has released the Liberty DX EAS antenna solution. Liberty DX can detect tags at both the lower 2.0 MHz (hard tag) and the higher, standard 8.2 MHz (soft tag) frequencies. The transceiver-based Liberty DX, which incorporates two-way communications capabilities, is driven by the company's RF Digital Signal Processing technology. The system meets the demands of retailers who want advanced EAS solutions. The DX is designed to also operate in a blended EAS/RFID environment. The DX has a detection range of five feet in a single pedestal configuration (2.5 feet on either side) or 10 feet (five feet on either side) in a dual pedestal configuration.

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Gerber Technology has launched NESTERpackT and NESTERserver V6, the company's automatic optimization and marker making solutions. NESTERpack optimizes computer-generated markers or nests. Markers can be shortened and when instructed, pieces within the marker automatically rotate, flip and/or tilt. Operating on its own or in conjunction with NESTERserver, NESTERpack provides costs and time savings, Gerber reports. NESTERpack integrates with the Gerber AccuMark CAD design suite. NESTERserver V6 delivers automatic nesting capabilities and performance enhancements, including the ability to nest sectional and tubular markers, block-fuse parts and construct/bump lines. Existing NESTERserver users can experience an average of 0.11 percent improvement in material yields, leading to bottom-line cost savings, the company reports. NESTERserver also integrates with AccuMark.

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GT Nexus and Open Harbor Inc. announced a strategic marketing initiative that will integrate Open Harbor's trade security, compliance and documentation services with GT Nexus' logistics management, global visibility and event management systems. The integrated platform, based on a Web-hosted model, will deliver real-time content for trade security, provide end-to-end global trade workflow and logistics execution, add visibility and control into the supply chain process, and enable collaboration between global trading partners. As part of the integrated platform, Open Harbor will provide the software, infrastructure and real-time trade content to execute global trade management activities, including product classification, product catalog management, restricted party screening, import/export compliance, trade documentation and trade process automation. GT Nexus will provide supply chain logistics functionalities, such as order management, supply chain modeling, event management and analytics, transportation procurement, contract management and execution and global visibility at all transaction levels.

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Raitech Inc. has released QuickConditionT for improving color consistency and management. This tabletop unit conditions fabric samples using prescribed temperature and humidity and delivers a dried sample in 10 minutes.

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Shore To Shore's Web site is now available in English, Spanish and German, and the firm plans to add three additional languages. The new site also offers more information for visitors, including daily news. Links to the Shr2ShrProof.comSM art proofing and management site and the W.O.R.L.D. e-commerce site are on every page. . ReaderLink #125

Yxendis has launched its weaving jacquard software module and the second generation of its dobby weaving software module. Both include multi-layer simulations, different yarn size management on the same fabrics, automatic relief, a more realistic finish and 3-D visualization of the front and back of the fabrics. The company has also launched YX POINT Platinum, drawing software for jacquard knitting or weaving and intarsia. The firm's YX DRESS Platinum software is for mapping fabric textures on models, furnishings and shoes.

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Zebra Technologies has released Zebra Brand Protection Solutions, its new line of secure printer labels, tickets, tags, ribbons and readers. Products in the line are embedded with machine-readable materials that can be encoded with data that cannot be erased, altered or duplicated. Zebra's secure media solutions also include specially formulated inks, varnishes and adhesives that can be used to create pre-printed security-protected tags, labels and tickets. When combined with thermal, on-demand printing, these supplies enable companies and their supply chain partners to track and verify delivery of authentic goods, Zebra reports.

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