Analysts' Perspective - October 2003

— October 01, 2003

"Extending the holiday season to get consumers to shop throughout the holiday season and not just early and late, but in between as well. Consumers have been displaying their two-wave shopping pattern for several years now and this is causing the retailers the need to entice consumers through price promotions and sales. The absence of 'hot items,' product sameness and educating the consumer to wait and everything will go on sale have contributed to this issue."
Marshal Cohen, Co-President, NPD Fashionworld Inc.

"The big challenge for holiday 2003 will be for the industry to resist the temptation to sacrifice long-term business development for short-term top-line sales. This will demand a new collaborative partnership between wholesalers and retailers. Wholesalers must commit to retailers to create fresh 'must-buy' merchandise, and retailers must commit to wholesalers to present it in visually exciting environments supported by a service-centric culture."
Bill D'Arienzo, CEO, WDA Marketing Solutions

"If the positive comp store growth trend we've seen over the last few months continues and retailers hold back on the labor line, as they did during holiday 2002, apparel retailers will be challenged to ensure their selling floors remain in stock and customers get the service they demand. Specifically, not being able to deliver on aspects such as sizing and color puts retailers at risk of seeing customers walk out the door with a half-filled or empty basket and head to a competitor." Janet Hoffman, Partner, Retail Practice, Accenture 


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