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Posted Date: 9/19/2012

Dassault Pursues the "Perfect Shelf," Announces Couturier Collaboration

By Jordan Speer, Editor in Chief
Dassault Systèmes launched a new industry solution experience for consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail companies called "Perfect Shelf."

"Perfect Shelf" leverages advanced 3D modeling and visualization to provide realistic views of retail aisles including shelves, fixtures, products, lighting and promotional materials - allowing the shopping experience design process to take place significantly faster, with greater extent and flexibility and at lower cost. By modeling virtual shelves and stocking them with realistic 3D product representations built from 2D pictures, brands and retailers can efficiently design shelf layouts, experience them with the eyes of consumers, and augment shelves with real-time business indicators to make informed decisions.

Easy to use, Dassault Systèmes' "Perfect Shelf" industry solution experience incorporates, and connects digitally, many business scenarios in the areas of Category Management and Space Planning such as new packaging introduction, category assessment, consumer decision trees, in context assortments review, adjacencies and sales materials. Also, it quickly adapts shelving plans to store specifics and then helps store employees execute these plans 'right the first time'.

Product shelving quality is a critical factor tied to every consumer's shopping experience. Both CPG Brand Manufacturers and Retailers want to ensure that every consumer, in every store can find what they want, when they want it – and do so quickly and easily. Delightful consumer experiences keep them coming back again and again to their favorite stores.

"Perfect Shelf" helps CPG brands demonstrate their knowledge of the category and recommend shelving scenarios that enhance both their brand and the retailer's category revenue. Retailers enhance the consumer's shopping experience through optimized operational excellence and shelf compliancy and significantly improve their ability to execute re-sets quickly and scale category adjustments.

Couturier collaboration
While Dassault Systèmes' corporate "If We" ad campaign is promoting its collaboration with couturier Julien Fournié on billboards in international airports, FashionLab and Julien Fournié are introducing the online Premier Showroom. This virtual showroom is a new way for Julien Fournié to get closer to his customers and followers, giving them access to his world and spirit in a new manner. They can now enter the designer"s universe in the online virtual world and live an experience they can access in this environment only. The Premier Showroom will be accessible to several people at the same time allowing them to meet and exchange with each other, and with Julien Fournié live when he is connected.

3D experience
Through this Premier Showroom, Julien Fournié and FashionLab are revealing new possibilities for online virtual tools in the fashion world, in which designers can experiment with new and innovative ways to showcase their activities and build their brand with today's consumers. After initially using 3D virtual tools to help design his collections faster and more efficiently, Julien Fournié is now experimenting with a new way of using 3D and the virtual world to showcase his work and the essence of his fashion house. 3D and the virtual world are, again, at the heart of this experience – offering the possibility to virtually discover or re-visit Julien Fournié's collections via a 3D Virtual model, or watch some of the designer's previous fashion shows on a virtual screen, in a virtual living room on the designer's virtual sofa.

Premier Showroom: a collaborative project
Premier Showroom is the latest development in the collaboration between the fashion designer and FashionLab. It represents the new chapter in their teamwork. Julien Fournié has imagined the design, the colors, the textures and shapes involved in this virtual showroom, including the setting in a futuristic atmosphere. Just like each and every detail contained in this experience, The FashionLab team made it happen.

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