Jeanologia Wants to Make Bangladesh's Denim Industry Sustainable

— May 16, 2017

Jeanologia is participating in the Bangladesh Denim Expo in Dhaka and makes sustainable technology that increases the competitiveness of the production centers available to the Bengali textile industry by automating garment finishing processes.
The Spanish company's innovative solutions are able to increase the productive capacity of the laundries, reduce the time-to-market and offer an innovative, creative and ecological product.
Jeanologia, leader in the development of sustainable technology for the textile industry, has been present in Bangladesh for 10 years and has become an expert technology partner of the main production centers. Its global solutions, based on clean technologies, are able to increase the efficiency and the automation of finishing processes without harming the creativity and obtaining the added value of the sustainability for the garments.
Bangladesh ranks second in world behind China in jeans production. Jeanologia's goal has been to support the Bengali textile industry in its aim to become the world's leading power; accompanying it in its needed transformation towards automation, efficiency, decontamination and sustainable use of water in the process of textile finishing.
"Jeanologia has not only managed to reduce time-to-market, it also allows savings of up to 95 percent of water and 90 percent of chemicalsuse in the finishing processes of jeans with the revolutionary process 'One glass one garment,'" Jordi Juani, Division Director of the Spanish firm.
The challenge: transforming laundries into Eco Laundries
The company, specializing in sustainable technology, has recently opened a new office in Dhaka and has set the challenge of transforming Bangladesh's production centers into Eco Laundries, integrating all technologies: laser, ozone and nano-bubbles.
"Our goal is to improve the competitiveness of laundries by helping them increase production and eliminate all processes that are detrimental to the workers and the environment", says Juani.
Jeanologia has started a revolution in the Bengali textile industry by being able to replace dangerous techniques such as manual scraping and the spraying of potassium permanganate with laser solutions. Likewise, it has been able to increase the efficiency in the wash centers by reducing up to 80 percent the consumption of water and chemical products.
Currently, more than 50 of the most important factories in Bangladesh already work with the Spanish technology, which represents more than 80 percent of the market of laser and ozone technology. The implementation of this machinery in the laundries is saving thousands of lives, and millions of liters of water every year. Jeanologia's investment in innovation focuses its efforts on increasing these achievements. 
Jeanologia in Bangladesh
Jeanologia celebrates a decade in Bangladesh by supporting the textile industry in its goal of being one of the great textile centers of the world.
From the outset, Jeanologia's purpose has been to increase the production capacity of Bangladeshi manufacturers, especially in the denim sector, by providing advisory services and state-of-the-art technology to improve the efficiency, design and added value of end products. Working side by side with the main manufacturers of jeans and always being guided by respect to the health of workers and the environment.


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