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Posted Date: 6/20/2007

Milliken Debuts BioSmart

Milliken & Co., a textile and chemical manufacturer, has introduced BioSmart, a new antimicrobial-charged fabric technology that harnesses the sanitizing power of EPA-registered chlorine bleach.

BioSmart is designed to help reduce the spread of infection-causing bacteria and viruses, including emerging antibiotic-resistant microbes such as MRSA.

Products made with BioSmart are key to effective infection prevention strategies and programs in the workplace, in community settings and at home, the company reports.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Staph bacteria are one of the most common causes of skin infection in the United States and are a common cause of hospital-acquired infections such as pneumonia, surgical wound infections and bloodstream infections.

While the majority of MRSA infections occur among patients in healthcare settings, it is becoming more common among competitive sports participants and people within community settings including schools, daycare facilities, health clubs and prisons, the company reports.

BioSmart can be applied to synthetics, cotton and polyester/cotton fabrics and is ideal for industries where bacterial contamination is a concern. BioSmart fabrics are non-irritating to the skin, odorless, quick drying and moisture wicking, Milliken says.

The company reports that BioSmart recharges after every washing so it is always functioning at full strength.

G&K Services, an early adopter of BioSmart, is using the technology for butcher coats and other garments for the food safety and processing industries. Product plans are underway with a number of manufacturers in the healthcare, uniform and consumer products markets.

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