Chinese Brand TEENMIX Crowdsources Next Shoe Designs

8/4/2015 - The brand's WANNA TALK TO YOUR SHOES DESIGNER? billboard in Times Square informs viewers of how to participate in a crowdfunding campaign that will inform which footwear styles will make it into production.

Zaniac Adds Fashion Design Program to STEM Offerings

8/4/2015 - In Fashion Design, fourth through eighth grade students will create their own one-of-a-kind looks using the open-source vector graphics software Inkscape, which helps budding designers assemble digital mood boards, draw custom garments using vectors, arrange nodes and layer color palettes.

Top 5 Department Stores Leave Laggards in the Dust

8/3/2015 - Is there even such a thing as a ‘channel’ anymore? Department stores are in fierce competition to win and keep customers, and the ante keeps upping, as consumers shop in more places, expect quick fulfilment at the location of their choice, and increasingly expect engagement of the personalized variety.
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