The Digital Store 2017

11/30/2016 - Today’s consumer doesn’t want to wait for the retailer to catch up with her tech savvy. Only retailers that can create engaging and seamless interplay between digital and physical in their brick-and-mortar stores — while mastering omnichannel operations to ensure flow and visibility outside their four walls — will capture her attention, and loyalty. Download Now

Optimizing Profits in the Fashion Retail Race for Relevance

11/29/2016 - Advanced data science has given birth to a next generation of price, promotion and markdown optimization solutions. The latest software empowers apparel retailers to price intelligently, run smart promotions and manage markdowns based on data, rules, science and strategy. Download Now

Amazon Private-Label Fashion: The Consumer Perception

11/1/2016 - Amazon is a well-known disruptor, and with the introduction of its private-label apparel brands, the company has positioned itself to shake things up in fashion and apparel. For the apparel industry at large, understanding how consumers feel about Amazon private-label is crucial. As such, Apparel commissioned Carbonview Research to conduct this consumer research study to dig deeper. Download Now

RFID and IoT: Good Things in Store

10/3/2016 - Apparel’s 10th annual review examines what did (and didn’t) happen over the past decade in the world of RFID/IoT. A number of interesting new applications are highlighted that will be of interest to retailers and brands alike. Download Now

The Smart Apparel Factory of the Future - Here Today

10/3/2016 - From our household appliances to autonomous cars, it seems everything is becoming smarter. How does this trend translate into one of the most traditional bastions of labor-intensive production: the apparel plant? How is next-generation shop-floor control technology, integrated with modern enterprise solutions, enabling fashion factories to become more connected, more efficient and smarter? Read on. Download Now
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