The Evolution of ERP

5/3/2012 -
Thanks to a surge in raw computing power and more than a decade of industry-specific attention from software providers, there are exciting new opportunities for apparel manufacturers, brands and retailers to leverage ERP to manage, grow and evolve their businesses.
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2012 Top Innovators

5/3/2012 - Apparel Magazine tips its hat to many of the key visionary firms shaping the industry in its 5th annual special issue. Profiles of our winners highlight their resourcefulness in meeting today's challenges, their desire to truly connect with the consumer in an increasingly complex shopping environment and their savvy use of technology to make their businesses run better.

Plus Vendor Viewpoint, an Interview with Gary Barraco,Director, Product Marketing, ecVision
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2012 Top Technology Trends in the Apparel Market

1/3/2012 -
The apparel industry has made the transition to accepting technology investments as a necessity to profitably balance global competitive opportunities with supply chain and market risk  — and companies are finding more ways to fund IT budgets for badly-needed upgrades and new investments.
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Sourcing Maturity: Finding the Path to Sourcing and PLM Integration Excellence

11/22/2011 - In an environment where lead time, cost management, product quality, and access to raw materials force sourcing organizations into tough decisions sometimes at odds with the goals of consumer-centricity, sourcing maturity and alignment with product lifecycle management activities play an increasingly important role in balancing the tradeoffs that must be made.
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11/17/2011 - In wrapping up 2011 and looking forward to — or perhaps bracing for — 2012, Apparel turned to its esteemed Editorial Advisory Board, along with a few other industry executives, to gain the perspective of their views on the coming year. Specifically, we asked about challenges and opportunities, the role technology will play and expectations for the year vs. the past 12 months. Here’s what they had to say.
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RFID: Opening the Door to Omni-Channel Retailing

9/29/2011 - Apparel’s 5th RFID Report examines the state of retail adoption of RFID and makes the case that RFID is the only technology that can ensure the inventory accuracy and transparency required for retailers to be able to quickly, accurately and efficiently fulfill orders emanating from any channel, from any location.

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PLM-Plus: The New Standard of Competitiveness

9/28/2011 - Next-generation PLM systems, often web-based and known as extended PLM or PLM-plus, are giving apparel firms a leg up in successfully combining traditional product lifecycle management capabilities with functionality more typically associated with global sourcing and supply chain management tools. The result is increased efficiency and cost savings and dramatic improvements in speed to market.

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The Global Out-of-Stock Crisis

The single worst scenario a retailer can face is an out-of-stock situation, particularly during crucial holiday and limited life seasons. GT Nexus issued a survey to 5,000 respondents globally to understand the number of times consumers deal with stock-outs, which channels these were most prominent, and how often this resulted in lost sales.
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