The Flexible Warehouse: A New Frontier in Competitive Advantage

5/31/2012 - As e-commerce grows and customer channels and preferences become more diverse, apparel brands and retailers are challenged to manage a complex mix of order profiles and service requirements.  For an increasing number of firms, the answer is a flexible materials handling/warehouse automation solution.

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PLM for Apparel 2012: Investing for Sustained Success

5/31/2012 - Apparel companies are driving pragmatic benefits deep into their PLM processes as they lay the foundation for future use of the mobile, analytical, social and innovation tools held as a promise for enabling long-term benefits from PLM initiatives.
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2012 Consultant Guide to the Global Apparel Supply Chain

5/3/2012 - Keeping up with both rapidly changing consumer shopping habits and advancing technology can be a challenge for any business — even one with a solid IT department in place. This first-ever Apparel Consultant Guide to the Global Apparel Supply Chain will help you gain a better understanding of where you can reap more efficiency and profit from your business, and aid you in navigating the field of experts out there who can help you in the process. 

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The Evolution of ERP

5/3/2012 -
Thanks to a surge in raw computing power and more than a decade of industry-specific attention from software providers, there are exciting new opportunities for apparel manufacturers, brands and retailers to leverage ERP to manage, grow and evolve their businesses.
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2012 Top Innovators

5/3/2012 - Apparel Magazine tips its hat to many of the key visionary firms shaping the industry in its 5th annual special issue. Profiles of our winners highlight their resourcefulness in meeting today's challenges, their desire to truly connect with the consumer in an increasingly complex shopping environment and their savvy use of technology to make their businesses run better.

Plus Vendor Viewpoint, an Interview with Gary Barraco,Director, Product Marketing, ecVision
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2012 Top Technology Trends in the Apparel Market

1/3/2012 -
The apparel industry has made the transition to accepting technology investments as a necessity to profitably balance global competitive opportunities with supply chain and market risk  — and companies are finding more ways to fund IT budgets for badly-needed upgrades and new investments.
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Sourcing Maturity: Finding the Path to Sourcing and PLM Integration Excellence

11/22/2011 - In an environment where lead time, cost management, product quality, and access to raw materials force sourcing organizations into tough decisions sometimes at odds with the goals of consumer-centricity, sourcing maturity and alignment with product lifecycle management activities play an increasingly important role in balancing the tradeoffs that must be made.
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How product lifecycle management fuels the momentum of fashion

With the speed and complexity of today’s fashion industry, companies have no choice but to improve the ways they handle sourcing, design, merchandising, compliance issues, and operations. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions are rapidly becoming essential tools for balancing the conflict between customer tastes and efficient, responsive operations.


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