Addressing Risk in Apparel Supply Chains

7/6/2017 - In the past decade or so, with the rise of e-commerce, consumer visibility into retail competitor portfolios, localization and personalization of goods and experiences, and the globalization of sourcing, retail supply chains are facing risks of unprecedented complexity and volume.

Item-Level RFID: Gaining Momentum and Not Slowing Down

6/5/2017 - With its ability to enhance inventory accuracy and speed across all shopping channels, the use of electronic product code (EPC)-enabled item-level radio frequency identification (RFID) in the apparel industry has opened the door for manufacturers and retailers alike to transcend outdated supply chain processes and truly deliver seamless shopping experiences.

Catch the Bus. Then Steer It.

11/30/2016 - Omnichannel merchandising missteps to avoid in 2017.

PLUS: Vendor Viewpoint – Interview with Keith Whaley, Vice President of Retail Strategy, JustEnough Software Corp.

Reconfiguring the Warehouse for Omnichannel Operations

10/3/2016 - Once you’ve taken the steps to integrate your e-comm and brick-and-mortar supply chains, there are different paths to take to become truly omnichannel in distribution and fulfillment.
PLUS: Vendor Viewpoint – Interview with Kevin Reader, Director of Business Development & Marketing, Knapp Logistics Automation

Making Runway to Retail Work

8/2/2016 -

Taking a look at the supply chain enablers behind the industry’s latest revolution.
PLUS: Vendor Viewpoint – Interview with Steven Quon, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Jesta I.S.

What's Next for RFID in Retail?

6/1/2016 - Early adopters are already looking to the next big RFID-enabled commerce leap, which will further transform the retail industry.  
PLUS: Vendor Viewpoint – Interview with Anurag Nagpal, Director of RFID Solutions, Checkpoint Systems


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