RFID in Retail: Fast Emerging as the Most Impactful ROI in Retail

Event Date: 10/13/2016 2:00:00 PM (EST)
Duration: 60 mins


Today’s leading edge retailers and brand owners are well aware of the proven benefits of RFID — from greater inventory accuracy, reduced shrink and higher sales by reducing out-of-stocks to efficient omnichannel execution and elimination of third-party audits — just to name a few. However, the unexpected benefits come from driving new execution processes based on the new level of data accuracy that RFID creates, which revolutionizes how stock is managed from warehouse to shop floor.
This expert-led webinar will identify the major ways in which RFID is delivering Retail 3.0 and how even retailers who have not started yet can get in the game and win.
Don’t miss this opportunity to gain vital insights from real-life retail deployments, including how to conquer pain points — featuring case studies retailers and brand owner deployments around the globe — enabling your business to ramp up quickly and efficiently, reap maximum rewards and capture solid ROI, often in less than 12 months.

Susan Nichols, Publisher, Apparel Magazine

Andy Robson,Principle, Holderness Consulting, Ex-GS1 UK
Dean Frew, Sr. VP for RFID Solutions & Chief Technology Officer, SML Group and Founder, SML Intelligent Inventory Solutions (SML-IIS)

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