Grow Your Retail Business in Today’s Consumer-Driven Economy

When it comes to shopping, today’s consumers have more power than ever before. They’re shaping retail buying experiences with their increasing desire to buy anything, from anywhere, at any time. Learn how to optimize your backend operations to meet the demands of the new retail reality—without compromising customer happiness.

What If You Knew the Exact Size of Your Customers?

There is an extremely limited amount of data available for the age groups from 6 to 17, and current children's size tables are based off datasets from 1930 to 1970. Size NorthAmerica is a serial measurement survey set out to capture and document the changes of recent years.

Sell More by Leveraging your Vendors

Learn 4 ways in which retailers can better leverage their vendors to save time, money and effort. With the right technology and vendor, merchants can sell more products online, without stocking merchandise. Learn best practices for importing product data, images, drop shipping and more- all within Celerant’s new eBook.

New Report: 2017 Annual ERP and Supply Chain Trends

For fashion and apparel companies, the pressure is on to “speed up” supply chains. In this report, we provide everything you need to know to hit the ground running. We reveal the latest trends, challenges and issues impacting fashion supply chain from our survey of business leaders responsible for ERP solutions.

Direct to Consumer Enablement for Retail Success

The shift to Direct-to-Consumer selling has highlighted the importance of building a closer relationship with your customers. Download Amber Road’s White Paper, Direct to Consumer Enablement for Retail Success to ensure your company is executing a successful DTC and omni-channel strategy.

Link to the report here.

Guide to Fashion Software

Packed with useful information including links to: white papers; industry resources; customer videos; checklists; and a host of other fashion technology information, the 2017 Infor Fashion Software Guide is a “must have” for any business that not only wants to succeed, but thrive.
Download now!

Retail, RFID and the Internet of Things (IoT)

The retail industry is in the midst of a revolution that is redefining the shopping experience. Online, mobile, and in-store technologies are making it easier for consumers to shop and changing buying behavior. RFID and IOT are explored in this paper as ways that are delivering results for retailers and the consumer alike.  
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