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The Omnichannel Retail Supply Chain: How Technology and Networks Delivered in the Cloud Will Separate the Winners and Losers in the Eyes of Today's Consumer
Retail is undergoing a transformation, and retailers are making a move towards omnichannel to stay relevant. Traditional systems are no longer sufficient, and leaders are adopting powerful, cloud-based technology to gain visibility and connect with trading partners.
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What's Driving Tomorrow's Retail Experience?
In the next five years, retailers believe developing a more engaging in-store customer experience will be business critical. This paper takes a look at the changes in the industry including changing shopper mindsets and behaviors, and the new expectations shoppers have for their in-store experience.
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Merchandising Advancements Driving Smarter Decisions
With an integrated merchandising solution, retailers can see improved sales and achieve a better understanding of planning and performance metrics, including retail sales, margins, inventory terms, category performance and customer needs.

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One Size Does Not Fit All In Multi Channel Distribution
There's no question that the world of retailing is changing at breakneck speeds as customers connect with brands in stores, via their computers, virtual shopping kiosks, tablets, smart phones, Facebook, Pinterest and more. But is the supply chain ready for this multichannel revolution, particularly from the distribution point of view? This white paper explores the key considerations for developing the right multichannel supply side solution.
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e-Sales in a Borderless World: Opportunity or Threat?
Investigate the potential of social media and mobile apps to increase your share in a huge online market -- if you are ready. A new white paper, e-Sales in a Borderless World: Opportunity or Threat?, examines the maturation of e-commerce and the rapid takeoff of mobile commerce in the U.S., EU and Asia Pacific. It recommends simple ways to manage multichannel sales generation, ordering, fulfillment and customer service in a complex global market.
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Tablets in the Retail Store: A Rationale
Tablets are rapidly becoming an important tool in retailers' toolboxes for enabling high-quality and differentiating customer experiences. Tablets will not be the only tool in that box, by any means, but if tablets are to be successful in the retail store, there is no better time to make the attempt. Nikki Baird, Managing Partner, RSR Research explores how tablets are creating new opportunities for retailers to enhance brand experiences and build brand loyalty.
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How to Be a True omnichannel retailer in 2012
Give your Fulfillment a Kiva Tune-Up in 2012! Tuning-up your distribution center for omni-channel growth will help you to keep up with the changing demands of today's and tomorrow's commerce. Read this new white paper from Kiva Systems to learn about readying your fulfillment operations for omni-channel success!
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Apparel Labeling: The Evolution of a Revolution
The apparel industry will never look at tags and labels the same way again.

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Super Freakn' Fashionomics
The world has changed, the economy has changed, and business models have changed - what's your next move? China isn't the low-cost fashion supplier it once was. This means new challenges, new opportunities and plenty of tough decisions to be made. Listen to Bob McKee, Industry Strategy Director at Lawson and find out if it's time to build a better sourcing strategy for the future. Download Now

Acumen's Hyper Growth Meets its Match in Kiva
The use of a flexible and automated materials handling solution can enable your retail distribution operations by offering complete inventory control and the flexibility necessary to adapt to the challenges of the sophisticated retail landscape. Take apparel shop, Accumen Holdings, who adds new categories all of the time. Since they installed Kiva, Acumen has increased efficiency tenfold and reduced order processing times from days to minutes. Don’t miss this video narrated by Acumen's CEO that shows how they established a world-class fulfillment center. View Now.

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Discover How To Keep Up With More of Your Mobile Customers
6/24/2014 11:00:00 AM (EST)
Susan Nichols, Publisher, Apparel Magazine
Ron Klein, "Total Retail" Service Leader, PwC Advisory
Annabelle Hoover, Director of Customer Service, North America, BROOKS SPORTS, INC.
Marie-Pascale Authie, Solution Consultant, Infor Fashion
Bob McKee, Industry Strategy Director, Infor Fashion
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Planning in the Omnichannel World with a Single View of Inventory
5/13/2014 11:00:00 AM (EST)
Susan Nichols, Publisher, Apparel Magazine
Rich Pedott, Partner, Columbus Consulting
Peter Charness, SVP America’s & CMO, TXT MAPLE LAKE
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EKN: The Elusive Habitable Zone of Optimal Customer Engagement EKN: The Elusive Habitable Zone of Optimal Customer Engagement
If one were to liken the new retailer-consumer relationship dynamic to a binary star system - the retailer and the consumer are both stars that exude gravitational force, creating a complex mechanism of push & pull. The optimal customer experience that is beneficial to both the customer and the retailer is created by a balance of push & pull. This Point of View illustrates an elusive “habitable customer zone” where these gravitational forces find balance, characteristics of retailers in the Habitable Zone and foundational building blocks of a balanced customer engagement strategy.
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EKN: Solutions & Strategies for Supply Chain Assurance & Collaboration: A Retailer's Quest for a Unified Buying Cycle EKN: Solutions & Strategies for Supply Chain Assurance & Collaboration: A Retailer's Quest for a Unified Buying Cycle
Retailers work with thousands of suppliers, factories, and all other 3rd parties everyday using established legacy procurement processes despite constant pressure to attain P2P process efficiencies. This complex relationship between retailers and supply chain network involves a series of collaborative linkage points in physical and financial supply chain. This Point of View lays out the process re-design and systems automation strategy of retailers that is important for P2P transformation and will benefit the entire retail supply chain ecosystem.
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