Multichannel Retailing: Facts, Issues, and Opportunities for Growth

How are your apparel competitors using cross-channel to get ahead — and how can you achieve more? Multichannel retailing is now the norm, but cross-channel strategies vary widely — and so do the results! Boost yours by leveraging Martec's original research on Multichannel Retailing: Facts, Issues, and Opportunities for Growth. Download your copy of this 28-page report now!

e-Commerce: More than just an e-Store

Internet retailing is expected to outpace all store-based formats, as most retailers will either enter or expand in the internet retailing channel. By the end of 2010, non-store sales will account for nearly 7% of global retailing. Virtual retailers are coming under pressure from store-based retailers, as they harness the benefits of multi-channel retail, such as collect-in-store options, driving sales and improving the customer's experience. Download this white paper to learn why it's not enough for retailers to be multi-channel capable, but seamlessly cross channel as well.

How Does Your Supply Chain Stack Up?

Do you know your sourcing handicap? Do you know where you stand versus other apparel & footwear companies in terms of payment terms, delivery frequency and other performance metrics? You depend heavily on your supply network. But are you getting the most out of it? Find out how you can maximize the potential of your supply chain in three steps.

See More Green from Reliable Container Shipping

In this White Paper, See More Green from Reliable Container Shipping, you'll learn about the positive impact reliable ocean shipping has on your company's bottom line and carbon footprint. Discover how you can increase the efficiencies and cost savings of your ocean supply chain.

Timing is Everything: PLM Calendar Management Boosts Responsiveness Capabilities

The need for strong calendar management solutions has only increased as apparel and footwear product development has grown more complex. Learn how advanced, apparel-specific calendar management applications -- able to assign people, tasks and calendars down to the level of individual products -- are making supply chains more efficient and improving business intelligence about a wide range for product development processes.

Achieving On-trend, On-time Innovation in Fashion

Whether an apparel manufacturer or private label retailer, meeting your customer's needs quickly, and cost effectively, is of paramount importance. This white paper, co-authored by Bob Stevens of Jones Apparel Group and Siemens PLM, discusses the critical role a unified PLM system plays in enabling this, and the technical requirements underpinning successful global new product development and launch.

Black Diamond Video: Cutting Edge Design & PLM

Exceptional design, unified collaboration, high quality products; when outdoor equipment company Black Diamond needed support for these areas, they turned to Siemens PLM software. Watch this video to experience their PLM story.
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Financial Supply Chain Management: Unleashing Capital to Make Gains

In today's global markets, everyday business activities can involve thousands of processes and individuals. When these activities are efficiently managed and coordinated across an enterprise, this results in powerful synergy. Apparel companies need an information system that integrates its financials with the rest of the organization. Read about four steps that can help your business meet its strategic objectives, improve profitability and optimize its cash flow.
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