April 2012

Retail Intelligence:

Ralph Lauren Focuses on 'Merchantainment'

01/26/2012 -

The iconic brand will tell you it doesn't just sell clothes, it sells dreams — that it's a brand focused on creating stories. Lately, those stories are springing off the screen — and off the sides of a few buildings — with the help of technology that sets the company squarely in the modern age.

Retail Intelligence: Case Study:

The Secret of Love Culture's Success

03/13/2012 -

Love Culture's combination of trendy styles, low prices and appealing store environments has inspired a legion of devoted fans. Now the company has embarked on a major expansion program — and brought in some software heavy hitters to help.

Supply Chain:

To Optimize Inventory, Try Intensive Supply Chain Cost Management

03/29/2012 - William Atkinson

When it comes to apparel supply chain management, common sense would dictate that cost reduction always is a good idea. But while trimming expenses is the right choice for some brands, others are finding that cost increases are more effective in achieving both short- and long-term efficiencies and profitability.

PLUS: Vendor ViewpointInterview with Eddie Capel, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Manhattan Associates


PLM 2.0: Achieving PLM's Promised Value

03/29/2012 - Adi Zukerman and Dave del Corral

How you use your PLM system makes all the difference.

PLUS: Vendor ViewpointInterview with Beth Borland, Director of Retail and Consumer Corporate Strategy, PTC


Hunters Lie Low in High-Tech Camo

03/13/2012 -

Taking cues from video games and consumer blogs, top-notch hunting apparel brands focus on technical performance without sacrificing style.


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