A New Look at an Old Problem: ASN Accuracy

While 100 percent accuracy is likely not achievable, attention to improved business processes and flow of goods can drastically reduce the number of ASN errors.

Art of Men Improves UX With 3D Body Scanning

11/25/2014 - In just 12 seconds, all the dimensions of the customer are captured and available for further use – and that means more time for customer advice, the selection of the model and the fabric, plus all the details that are required for garments that will last.

How to Drive Store Traffic This Holiday? Check Out Five Tips

11/21/2014 - With the 2014 holiday shopping season in full swing and competition for grabbing consumer wallet share at an all time high, in-mall mobile retail app StepsAway offered the top five retailer digital promotional strategies to boost in-store holiday shopping season revenues.


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