A New Look at an Old Problem: ASN Accuracy

While 100 percent accuracy is likely not achievable, attention to improved business processes and flow of goods can drastically reduce the number of ASN errors.

Julien Fournié Sees the Future in 3D

2/1/2015 - Designing haute couture isn’t quite like designing an airplane — but fashion designers will soon be able to use tools similar to the ones that airplane engineers use.

Rocky Brands Steps Up to PLM Platform

2/1/2015 - Working with NGC Software and Infor, this outdoor footwear company is centralizing all its product-related data on its PLM platform, as well as synching its PLM and ERP databases. The result: cleaner data, leaner processes, and faster turnaround time.

Hook & Loop: Bringing the B2C UX to the B2B World

2/1/2015 - Before Hook & Loop started delivering customized solutions focused on pleasant user experiences that also reinforced a brand’s mission, it helped Infor get its house in order by giving all of its software — including Fashion PLM and M3 ERP — a common look and feel.


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