From Hybris Veterans, WorkJam Aims to Solve Retail Scheduling

WorkJam launched what it describes as the first employee relationship management platform to solve critical problems in the hourly work economy and create huge economic benefit for businesses and advance the well-being and prosperity of hourly workers.

Unused Gift Cards: A Ticking Time Bomb?

5/19/2015 - Because of unclaimed property laws throughout the country – known as escheat laws – unused gift cards can become a source of liability that can result in large penalties for the unsuspecting retailer.

in the pink Is in the Black With Custom-Made Cloud POS

5/14/2015 - in the pink deployed Springboard Retail, a cloud POS and retail management platform — a solution that Gordon Russell and co-founder Jay Stotz actually developed themselves in 2010 for in the pink when they were unable to find anything on the market that suited their needs.


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