February 2004

Research and Reports:

Overcoming Challenges of Global Expansion

12/01/2014 -

International expansion presents exciting growth opportunities for fashion lifestyle brands. To ensure success, it’s important to consider different global sales models and to marry the right technology to the chosen strategy.

Issue Article:

Addressing Web-based RFID Privacy Issues

02/02/2004 -

While cost and implementation hurdles are challenges for potential Web-based RFID technology users, privacy concerns of the public pose another significant issue.

Analysts' Perspective - February 2004

02/02/2004 -

What impact will the closing of the last U.S. plant by American icon Levi Strauss have on the mindset of the apparel industry?

Fashion Spotlight: Gymboree Jumps into Spring

02/02/2004 -

How will kids spring into spring 2004? Khani Adams-Young, design director for Gymboree, says young girls "like to be sweet and pretty" and will be "very prim and proper," bedecked in polka dots, whites and pastels, with crisp fabrics and pretty prints.

Gaining Greater Sourcing Control

02/02/2004 - By Anthony Coia, Special to Apparel

Sourcing in the apparel industry is generally a complex process. Companies must find the right sourcing partners - those that have the ability not only to produce particular components or finished goods, but also to communicate information in a timely manner, and to move goods efficiently.

Industry Notes - February 2004

02/02/2004 -

The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) and other industry partners are adding their support to heighten consumer awareness of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) new Web site devoted to product recalls.

Lectra Acquires Investronica

02/02/2004 - By Kathleen DesMarteau

Last month Lectra and the Spanish group Induyco announced the acquisition of Investronica Sistemas by Lectra.

Research Alliance Improves Clothes Care

02/02/2004 - By Tracy Haisley

Five leading companies representing different facets of home clothing care have joined forces with two universities to improve clothing care in the home.

RFID Coming on Strong

02/02/2004 - By Jordan K. Speer

Since reporting in this column last August on Wal-Mart's announcement that it was requiring its top 100 suppliers to implement RFID at the pallet and carton level, RFID has become the topic du jour and the proposed panacea to a sea of industry supply chain inefficiencies.

Sew No More?

02/02/2004 - By Kathleen DesMarteau

Advancements in adhesives and bonding techniques are prompting apparel producers across the spectrum to re-evaluate how they join materials into a finished garment.

Strategies for Compliance with AS2 Mandates

02/02/2004 - By Cynthia Renfrow

Various retailers, including Wal-Mart, have mandated that their suppliers transmit documents using the AS2 standard, which presents numerous challenges, including technical expertise, server availability and bandwidth, security concerns and digital certificate management. So what's a supplier to do?

The Return of the Suit

02/02/2004 - By Jordan K. Speer, Apparel

Dressing down. It's plagued the U.S. tailored clothing market for the past decade.

The Right Mix: Brands vs. Private Labels

02/02/2004 - By Thomas J. Ryan, Contributing Author

Department stores are increasingly looking to ramp up private label penetration in order to enhance margins and provide greater differentiation on the selling floor.

UPS Provides Solutions to Manufacturers, Importers

02/02/2004 - By Anthony Coia

UPS Supply Chain Solutions Inc. recently introduced its updated Supplier Management solution to address what Bob Garrison, vice president of supplier management for the Atlanta, GA-based company, calls the three main challenges of apparel logistics.

Web-Based RFID:Hype or Glimpse of the Future?

02/02/2004 - By William Atkinson, Special to Apparel

Many in the apparel industry are well aware that radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology promises to replace bar code technology, but the extent of the replacement, and the perceived benefits, still seem vague in many respects.

YKK Fighting Counterfeit Zipper Problem

02/02/2004 - By Kathleen DesMarteau

YKK, the world's largest zipper company, is putting new muscle behind its battle with counterfeiters.


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