February 2011

Cover Story:

Chico's Comeback

02/09/2011 - Masha Zager

The fortunes of Chico's FAS, the women's specialty retailer, have had enough twists, turns, ups, and downs to keep even jaded moviegoers on the edges of their seats.

In The Stores:

Disney Store Goes on Store-Opening Spree

02/09/2011 -

After launching a new and innovative concept store in new North American and international markets in 2010, Disney Store will continue its expansion in 2011.

Family Dollar Doubles Down on Apparel

02/09/2011 - Jordan K. Speer

Call it smaller space, better face. As part of a store-wide renovation initiative, apparel has a smaller footprint, but a whole new image at Family Dollar Stores Inc. The discount retailer is hoping you'll take a second look.

iVEDiX Unveils Mobile BI Application

02/09/2011 -

iVEDiX debuted a prototype of its new retail-specific mobile BI solution, with key features including flexibility of live data that enables users to carry their data while on the go.

Luxury Rugby Brand Scores with Item-Level RFID

02/09/2011 - Jordan K. Speer

Using RFID, Serge Blanco has optimized its distribution center and is moving on to the stores.

Manhattan Associates Puts the Supply Chain into the Retail Store

02/09/2011 -

The Store Commerce Activation application aims to put ground-level supply chain visibility and inventory management into the hands of the retail store associates working directly with customers.

Motorola Launches Next Generation Enterprise Mobility

02/09/2011 -

Motorola's new array of retail-oriented solutions aims to solve team communication issues and expedite the scanning and inventory processes.

Retailers Turn to Consumer-Friendly mPOS

02/09/2011 -

Keeping up with consumer demand for the latest technology, retailers are interested in deploying mobile POS systems using iPhones or iPod touch devices and not the usual retail-hardened enterprise-class rugged devices.

Speakeasy Solves Inventory Hassles

02/09/2011 -

Wavelink enhanced its Speakeasy voice solution with new features that make it even easier to use for both end users and administrators and improves the accuracy of the voice recognition.

Starmount and AisleBuyer Mobilize the Shopping Experience

02/09/2011 -

Starmount and AisleBuyer are collaborating to offer retailers a complete mobile platform for assisted selling and self-checkout for shoppers.

The Future of Retailing

02/09/2011 - Liz Parks

Successful retail brands of the future will keep up with the unflagging demands of the consumer, from any location.

Window Wonderland

02/09/2011 -

Oona McSweeney, vice president retail & special markets, Stylesight, provides Apparel with a glimpse into some recent trends in visual merchandising.


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