Romania Embarks upon Serial Measurement Program

— October 05, 2010

Following the extensive serial measurement programs conducted in recent years in the United States, China and in many European countries, Romania now has its own underway.

Carried out by Romanian Institute CERTEX (The Research Development National Institute for Textiles and Leather), the group is using the 3D body scanner VITUS Smart XXL and ANTHROSCAN Pro by Human Solutions GmbH to gather body measurements. (Human Solutions was also used in the "SizeGERMANY" serial measurement project.)

The objective of the project is to achieve a realistic representation of the anthropometric standards of the entire countryâ╬╢s population, with the focus on men and women between the ages of 20 and 65. The creation of tables and statistics of the various different types of physiques, waists and postures, as well as the determination of Romanian sizes systems for apparel will also contribute to the standardization and harmonization of European standard sizes.

Serial measurements of children and adolescents between the ages of six and 19 will also be carried out as part of the project, with survey data collected and used for study projects and statistics about the state of health and the diets of children.


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