September 2005

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Importers Wary of Safeguard Embargo Impact on '06: No one, including U.S. Customs, knows for certain how many U.S. apparel orders have been caught in the safeguard net so far this year, and how embargoed Chinese goods could affect import levels in early 2

09/14/2005 - by Kathleen DesMarteau and Staci Kusterbeck, Apparel

U.S. importers are casting a wary eye on how this year's safeguard embargoes could affect their ability to import from China in 2006, especially during the first quarter.

Design Development & PDM/PLM: Pre-Production Solutions

09/01/2006 -

PLM solutions, virtual 3-D technologies and improved color management practices take the lead when it comes to solutions that are improving front-end supply chain visibility.

Retail Solutions

09/01/2006 -

Projecting demand -- not just reacting to it -- is a focal point for apparel retailers and the industry's technology providers.

ERP, Supply Chain & Materials Inventory Control Solutions

09/01/2005 -

To reap the rewards of the most efficient apparel supply chain, you (and your supply chain partners!) must excel at data synchronization.

e-Tail Solutions

09/01/2005 -

Virtual dressing rooms, sophisticated CRM, web analytics and seamless fulfillment continue to be critical for apparel firms eager to profit from online sales.

Inside Apparel

09/01/2005 -

Apparel brands and retailers are gearing up to master the multichannel challenge.

Sourcing/Production, Quality Assurance and Logistics/Custom Solutions

09/01/2005 -

Apparel firms turn to technology to help them achieve a seemingly impossible feat: reducing lead times even as supply chains grow physically longer and more complex.

Warehouse Management/Fulfillment & Product ID Solutions

09/01/2005 -

The pressure is on apparel firms to achieve incongruous objectives: 1) Make clothes available to the consumer immediately; 2) Keep little or no inventory.


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