The State of Global Compliance

12/1/2014 — At a time when socially responsible, traceable and compliant production and supply chain processes are more critical than ever, it’s imperative to stay abreast of global shifts. This inaugural report, to be followed by three more in 2015, examines and highlights at a high level the major issues executives should be tracking throughout the global supply chain.

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Overcoming Challenges of Global Expansion

12/1/2014 - International expansion presents exciting growth opportunities for fashion lifestyle brands. To ensure success, it’s important to consider different global sales models and to marry the right technology to the chosen strategy. Download Now >>

EKN Research Reports

EKN: 2nd Annual Future of Stores

10/27/2014 - The role of the brick and mortar store is evolving from being a destination of commerce to being a hub of Omni-channel customer engagement. In order to consistently and smoothly dispense an Omni-channel experience to customers, retailers will need to re-train this organizational fiber. EKN’s 2014 Stores Industry Benchmark lays out a framework for how. The report illustrates 4 key properties of stores that retailers will need to transform and key enabling capabilities retailers will invest in to drive the above transformation. Each section contains specific short, medium and long-term recommendations and key data points. Download Now >>


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