PLM 2017: Are You Ready for the Evolution?

6/7/2017 — With the latest evolution, PLM encourages more inclusivity for multiple internal teams and external suppliers. It also enables greater process automation and analysis of important product development and supply chain information. In addition, PLM in 2017 promises a user experience that entices creative teams to collaborate.

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Digital Business Begins to Make Its Mark on PLM

6/5/2017 - A picture is emerging that supports the marriage of a PLM strategy and the technology backbone to design and develop apparel and soft goods products that are increasingly likely to embed internet-enabled technologies. This will allow firms to create more digital business moments, which will become critically important in the future. Download Now >>

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Grow Your Retail Business in Today’s Consumer-Driven Economy

When it comes to shopping, today’s consumers have more power than ever before. They’re shaping retail buying experiences with their increasing desire to buy anything, from anywhere, at any time. Learn how to optimize your backend operations to meet the demands of the new retail reality—without compromising customer happiness. Download Now >>

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