Materials Testing & Compliance: What Every Executive Needs to Know to Protect the Brand and Business

7/1/2015 — Apparel companies must be proactive in managing the complexities of testing and compliance or risk losing far more time and money on the back end in reacting to problems.

Executive Guide to Responsible Global Production, Part II

Roundtable Discussion with Joe Walkuski, CEO and Founder, TEXbase and Gary Barraco, Senior Director, Supply Chain Solutions, Amber Road

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The Apparel Top 50 for 2015

7/6/2015 - Ready. Set. Go. The Top 50 share many points of commonality, but the biggest might be that they are all feverishly pursuing better, faster and more personalized customer engagement. Download Now >>

A Decade of PLM Development

6/1/2015 - Given the scale of PLM investment to date, along with the planned investments and hoped-for returns on those investments, there is much opportunity for apparel and retail executives and supply chain leaders to leverage the technology as a whole for a much broader set of benefits. Download Now >>

A Pathway to True Supply Chain Transparency

6/1/2015 - The pursuit of fashion supply chain transparency is intensifying, driven by a need to control costs while responding nimbly to omnichannel demand. Learn how the latest cloud-based technology empowers trading partners to meet this complex challenge. Download Now >>

EKN Research Reports

EKN Research: Thriving in the Omni-Supply Chains Via Network Effect

6/26/2015 - Download this Point of View to understand the impact of building a strong and assured supply chain network effect, enabling supply chain and inventory visibility and agility and optimizing the network effect through the right set of process capabilities, analytics and technology enablers that facilitates supply chain transformation. Download Now >>


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