2015 Top Innovators

4/29/2015 — With digital technologies occupying increasing space in our minds and lives, it’s no surprise that many of this year’s award winners took honors for innovations in the areas of marketing and merchandising, or that a number aligned themselves with another big trend that is making waves as technology makes more things possible: mass one-to-one customization. We say kudos to all of Apparel’s innovators, who continue to move the industry forward in interesting and unexpected ways.

Latest Reports

Evolving ERP: Expect More for Your Money

4/29/2015 - Apparel manufacturers, brands and retailers searching for new ERP technology can be pleasantly surprised to find more functionality than they expected in a single solution. Next-generation solutions are here today and can be readily differentiated for their delivered value. Download Now >>

Cross-Channel Report 2015

3/31/2015 - As Online Shopping Evolves, the Role of the Store Is Changing Along With It

PwC’s annual global survey of online shoppers shows that even though online shopping is becoming increasingly popular and social media is attracting more attention, 68 percent of clothing and footwear shoppers still want to go to the store. Download Now >>

EKN Research Reports

EKN: Customer Context Power - A Success Imperative

5/20/2015 - Retailers and hospitality enterprises are well aware that consistently high standards of in-store or in-location customer engagement are key imperatives for customer relevance, financial gains, loyalty and brand advocacy. However, more often than not, such standards break-down in stores due to a wide variety of reasons. Download this benchmark report to understand why the right customer for the right offer in-store is a top priority and key business pains, performance and capabilities related to in-store customer engagement. Download Now >>

EKN: 2015 Retail Point-of-Sale Blueprint

4/2/2015 - With the average age of POS platform being 6.9 years, the retail industry needs to address aging and outdated POS systems or face compliance penalties, security risks and limited ability to meet growing business needs. Download this benchmark report to explore four key areas of focus for retailers as they look to build their POS upgrade plans and refine their dynamic POS strategy. Download Now >>


Digital Printing for Apparel: Keys to Optimizing Your Workflow

Digital textile printing offers the potential for unlimited creativity, greater flexibility, and faster time-to-market for designers and production professionals. Learn about the benefits of this exciting new technology, and the keys to integrating digital printing into your production workflow, from initial design through final placement and production. Download Now >>

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