The Apparel Top 50 for 2017

7/5/2017 — The top-performing public apparel firms are working diligently to meet consumer demand with innovative product, fast delivery and seamless experiences across channels, while facing down the challenges of a swiftly changing retail world. Take a look at what these firms are doing to stay relevant — and profitable.

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X Factor, Part II: Amazon, Apparel and Retail: Where is the Achilles' Heel?

7/6/2017 - Part II: Amazon, Apparel and Retail: Where is the Achilles' Heel?

The news is not what Amazon brings to American retail. The news is what Amazon doesn’t have, at least not yet. There lie the risks and opportunities for itself and others, at least in the fashion apparel space. What are the haves and the have nots that drive those perils and opportunities? Read on. Download Now >>

PLM 2017: Are You Ready for the Evolution?

6/7/2017 - With the latest evolution, PLM encourages more inclusivity for multiple internal teams and external suppliers. It also enables greater process automation and analysis of important product development and supply chain information. In addition, PLM in 2017 promises a user experience that entices creative teams to collaborate. Download Now >>

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