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December 06, 2010
Five Top SCM Strategies
Jordan Speer Image Not going anywhere? Maybe what you need is not a Snickers bar, but some improvements to your supply chain processes.

It's more important than ever to eliminate wasteful and redundant processes in your supply chain that are costing you time and money in the form of wasted labor and energy, lost sales and distraction from your core competencies.

Imagine if your warehouse ran smoothly, free of bottlenecks, with little stored inventory, cartons cross-docked for retailers, orders picked and packed according to a plan that took your pickers on the shortest route through the DC. What if robots picked your apparel? What if you had separate facilities to handle garments on hangers and flat folded garments?

What if your entire enterprise ran more smoothly because your software systems interfaced with each other in real time? Imagine if you were able to attain visibility into your raw materials supply, and receive alerts that key components were late, or unavailable, and could make adjustments before the problem delayed your order.

In this month's Apparel's Tech View, learn from five apparel companies that have successfully implemented new supply chain solutions that are making a direct impact on their bottom lines.

Jordan Speer

Editor's Note
Editor's Note
NCSU College of Textiles Implements Lectra Vector Cutting Solution
The implementation of Lectra's automated cutting solution will help foster collaboration among textile program students and bring industry professionals to the North Carolina State University campus.
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