Design to Cost: A Holistic Approach to Controlling Development Costs

Fabric is a key component of attracting a consumer’s eye to a garment. However, fabric is also where a majority of the garment’s cost lies, at times accounting for more than 50 percent of the total. Understanding the impact different fabric choices have on a particular design and its production is thus an essential part of the product development process. This whitepaper explores how to manage the challenges of fabric selection through a “Design to Cost” approach—the practice of combining advanced technology and process management at the earliest stages of conceptualization to manage manufacturing constraints without sacrificing a beautiful end product. The approach allows companies to develop designs that appeal to consumers and meet targeted profit margins and quality levels.

Future-Proofing the Fashion Value Chain

The fashion industry thrives on innovation. It’s what the consumer wants from us—something new, not just clones or replacements for worn-out items. New product introductions are critical to business success, but only half of them achieve the profit objectives set before launch. To improve the ratio of hits to disappointments, it is essential to listen to the consumer and collaborate with the supply chain. The consumer sets the bar for value and the supply chain determines whether you meet or miss it.


CSR is the Norm, Implementation is the Issue.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) dominates discussions in the apparel industries. Organizations like BSCI, Sedex and Fair Wear Foundation provide solid platforms for the documentation of factory audits. But the questions remain: Is it enough to audit factories every two or three years? What happens once the auditors leave the factory? How do you install permanent and effective CSR control? Discover how tracking every corrective action makes factories a safer, better place.

Rethinking Analytics for the Social Enterprise - Retail Focus

Leading companies and technology providers are rethinking the fundamental model of analytics, and the contours of a new paradigm are emerging. The new generation of analytics goes beyond Big Data (information that is too large and complex to manipulate without robust software), and the traditional narrow approach of analytics which was restricted to analysing customer and financial data collected from their interactions on social media. Today companies are embracing the social revolution, using real-time technologies to unlock deep insights about customers and others and enable better-informed decisions and richer collaboration in real-time.

4 Steps to Make the Most of Your Guest Wi-Fi

If you're not on board with Guest Wi-Fi, chances are good you'll get left in the digital dust. As Wi-Fi proliferates and shoppers expect nothing less than convenient access and easy engagement, it creates a series of questions for brick-and-mortar retailers. Even if you have outfitted your store with it, you may not be executing on your original strategy or optimizing Wi-Fi's full potential. This white paper will help you get the most value out of your Guest Wi-Fi by describing what you can do to attract more shoppers – and ultimately turn opportunities into engagements, and interactions into transactions. You'll learn how to train your employees, motivate shoppers to sign up for and try out your Wi-Fi, create and deploy simple multimedia tools, and address privacy and security issues.
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